Now isn’t this nice, I’ve been fishing up for my brain to come up to something really nice for my man. Nah! not really fishing, I just don’t wanna write things I’ve already written before, besides, there were a lot of things that happened to us that are worth writing.

I really love to tell how colorful my love story is, there are the brighter shades of indescribable happiness, and there are the darker shades of morose, brought by the frenzy of circumstances testing us. There is some time when I thought of writing a book walled with our stories, but then I thought that it can’t be done now, for I know that there are more things that await us.

Okay, no more beating around the bush. We met unexpectedly and we always tell to each other that we didn’t find each other, we didn’t wish for each other to come, we both just popped out of nowhere and voila! Three years have passed and we’re still together, making more stories to add up on our book.

Okay, so we met at a dance competition one night where my cousins and friends will compete, and then I saw him, the man whom until now makes my heart to pound and make the butterflies to flutter vigorously in my stomach. My cousin named Gem introduced him to me, because they were classmates in high school and was close to each other, I didn’t shake hands with him for I was so shy and I know that he was too, before we’re introduced, I already noticed him, and yes, I was enthralled. He’s robust, and seems like a bad boy which I really like. That night when I met him ended without anything, like him asking for my number or my full name for him to search on Facebook so he could add me, nothing happened.

Two months passed and I was so mirthful and astonished when I opened my phone after a beep, and it was him, the long wait is finally over, and he didn’t know how utterly mirthful I was. We really didn’t talk every day since the day he texted me, because he only tops up his phone in the weekends, after weeks of exchanging messages with him, we finally saw each other in the flesh. My cousin invited us to go to her school because she was a participant in a pageant and she wanted us to watch her and have some support. And there, we talked a lot. I am a very talkative and open person, and I know exactly that I drove his mind crazy, mad! I mean. Then there, we only talked the whole night, we didn’t watch the show because we became ‘bag watchers’, but it was all fun, talking to him and everything.

Months passed and same routine went, until December of year 2010 we became one. And that was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me, just right before my birthday. It was the best gift God have given me. And that is what I’m always thankful for, every day, that I still have this crazy man with me.

Months after months and after more months things are getting different, change it is, and we are no exception. We got into series of plights coming our way, misunderstandings and worst of all, break up. We broke up one time and then one time again, and then back again. Things became difficult and I became difficult for him to understand but he never gave up on me, and then here I am, making it all up to him, trying our best to have the ‘Clean slate’ relationship we once had. You see, we are on the darker shades now, but as these all go by it’s getting brighter. Maybe we are on our third relationship, but it’s all getting better and better, we both learned from our past, from the mistakes we did to unintentionally hurt each other, we are recuperating from the damage and we are growing up, and not apart. I learned how to speak whenever I feel bad even though not all the time because it’s not really easy for me to talk my feelings out when I’m mad or upset, I am meek, but then, bit by bit I could speak up, I learned not to be selfish anymore, where I don’t have to only think of my feelings but his too, especially when we’re having a row, and mostly, I learned that you can’t get everything handed to you on a platter, you need to work for it, and that was something I suck at before.

Years really changed us and the flow of our lives, and I could never be more blessed having this man in my life, who thought me a lot of things, opened my eyes and made me realize everything, he changed me. Before he always tells me that I changed him and became a better person he could ever be, and yes I saw that too, he is a changed man, and that started from the very beginning of our chapter. He always tells me that it was I why he became better, and now I’m going to tell that to him that very same thing when I became better, just like him.

There are still so many things that will come ahead of us, more changes, and even though I hate changes I know that I could get use it, because he’s with me and we too, are going to making changes. There will still be storms that will shake our ground and drive the both of us mad, but I know, and I’m so faithful that if fall down, we’ll just get back up, together, just like what we always do. There are still more things I need to learn and there he is, my man, my friend, my enemy, my teacher, and my love. I know God knows how much I really love and adore this man, and that’s why he let him stay with me and be mine.


My twin-brother-soul

I have been thinking of something to do for my best friend. I thought of writing a blog entry before, write about something about us, our bonds, how the both of us met, and the foundation we built to be so strong as best friends. So when I saw this daily prompt Something So Strong it hit me right away, this is the time I need to make something for us since it's been so long since the last time we talked or be together. This is for my best friend Airi Anju Ortile. And hope you guys enjoy.

People will always come to your life at random, but the most important thing is who will remain to your life, just like this guy……..
We were in grade school when I first met this fine, crazy lad, I didn’t know that he’ll become my best friend until now since day one.  He was temporarily assigned to sit with me one day because their mentor is not available. We didn’t talk at first but when I asked him for a piece of paper I saw that he seems nice, we talked about things, some ‘kiddie stuffs’ then laughed at his silly jokes, we got instantly close to each other, since I am a very talkative girl, I know that he didn’t have a hard time to make friends with me :P  and also because I am too pretty for him to refuse (Shut up Airi! I know you’re making some ‘puking’ gesture because of that ‘Pretty’ just shut up okay?) :D I know that if he reads this, he’ll make a puking gesture.

So  after that day we didn’t talk, we still see each other at school but never had the time to do more talking, he’s from a different class. And then when I got in fourth grade, his cousin, named Sally became my best friend, she too is the same as Airi, very approachable and talkative just like me, even if I’m not assigned to sit beside her I’d still do and then we’ll talk, except for Math class since our mentor was so strict and precise with sitting arrangements. I always go to their house after class, have lunch with her and play afterward. We love to play with crayons and nope we don’t do coloring, but melting, we were melting crayons and then we’ll pour the melted crayons on the water to make different figures and mixing them with different colors. Sometimes when we’re already tired of playing ‘Picasso’, silly Sally would tell me stories about her brother’s erotic comics (I am soooo laughing at loud right now remembering this thing) and one time she showed it to me and read it in mockery when her brother was gone. I think this’ll be the first ever secret we had and now I just disclosed it :P Sorry Sally dear if you’re reading this, but what we did before was just so funny, and I can’t stop myself to reveal how sneaky little lasses we were :D

In high school we were in different schools, her cousin, Airi and I became best friends, while my cousin and Sally became best friends too, because they went to the same school together, it all became topsy-turvy.

Airi and I spent more time together because we’re in the same school, I remember the time that I called him ‘PBA’ or ‘Playboy Airi’ because he had a lot of girl crushes and he wants a lot of women (Don’t deny it Airi! Just in case you’re reading this) I saw how rueful he was when he’s heartbroken, and same to mine, he saw how devastated I am when I’m brokenhearted with all my stupid exes. We’re both there when we need each other.

The times that I won’t really forget is how we were in each other’s company, we were so happy, and we’re like in a relationship……. A very strong relationship. We hold hands when we’re walking home, he puts his arm on my shoulder when someone would leer at me, saying that I’m his, and giving me a peck when we’re going to part. He’s just the sweetest guy I ever had in my life.

And then we got in College, he went to an Academy that is so far from here, so we barely see each other. But one time his cousin Randall texted me that he got something for me, and that was Airi’s letter, which is still safely kept until now. I was very touched when he wrote to me, saying that he misses me so much and the things we used to do, he even told me that he’ll take me to a date when he arrives, which never happened until now even though he’s here sometimes, and must I tell you, that letter was sent to me four years ago, so Airi? When is that promised date of yours going to happen? I really hope you are reading this because you owe me a date :P

The last time we had a decent ‘get-together’ was when he came with me in my former school to get my credentials, after that we went out to have some snack and went to the National Museum, that was four years ago too, I remember when we went out of the museum, it was raining cats and dogs we have no choice but to ride in a Kalesa or carriage outside the Museum so he ran out and called for a Kalesa because the train station is a bit far from the museum. Weeks after that, he told me that he kept telling his friend from the academy what we have done and he can’t wait to go out with me again, I was so touched, but right now, I’m not so sure when this is going to happen again.

I just missed this guy, his obnoxiousness and his mocking face. That’s actually one thing to our friendship, our friendship is filled with obnoxiousness, the more offensive we become to each other means that we love each other so much, weird isn’t it? Yeah I know, because this guy is just sooooo Lame! Ha-ha! Just kidding.  Just like him calling me a ‘bitch’ that means ‘I love you silly’, and me calling him an ‘asshole’ means ‘I do too knucklehead’ is pretty normal, those insults feed our friendship and it also means how close we are to each other.

I can tell that we’ve been through a lot of things, and maybe he’s too far from me and maybe we’re already too far behind with each other’s lives, but I know that what binds us won’t loosen or worst be cut, we are so strong that no matter how many people will cross between our paths I know that he’ll still be the one to hold my hand at the end just like what he always do.

We are two weird people who got nothing good to say to each other but insults and yet we still love each other. And it is my pleasure to tell that you are the best-est best friend in the world! :*


Gone too long but I’m back and I’m ready to roll!

Hello there everyone! It’s just so nice to be back, I apologize for being M.I.A for the last couple of, I don’t know, maybe months? Weeks? I’m not exactly sure, but I’ve been gone seriously for ages. I’m up all night for weeks because I’m helping Earvin to get up at three o’clock in the morning, for he suck at waking up to the alarm clock and he’ll go to his job on past four o’clock. For a couple of weeks I stayed up all night, thinking about what to write, read a bit, and think of what I’m going to prepare for him for breakfast. Then I’ll hit the sack on six in the morning because I don’t fell asleep that easily, then wake up by past twelve in the afternoon and after I got some lunch, I’ll be washing my man’s laundry. I don’t do the laundry in the house because we have our nanny, but I made it to washing some clothes because of Earv, though not so well because I don’t really know how to. So much for a wife eh? Ha-ha! Nah! Just doing my part as his girlfriend, I don’t even know if I’m a ‘wife-material’.

So that’s just one of what’s going on with my life lately. And another for not being able to write more, more for being stuck up…… All the time, and what’s that called? Writer’s block? Is that the right one? I guess not, mine’s I guess is called ‘Procrastination’. Nothing uncanny about it right? I’ve got imagining working up inside me all day, seeing things, people I’ve never met before, and being in places I wanted to be in someday, and words are talking that my hand and lips can’t speak of. It’s all taking place.

I would like to share some to you.

I’ve met the most beautiful girl, her eyes have captured me the way I did to her

                                Eyes that could guise through beyond everything and one’s deepest soul

I closed my doors but she permeated through it and opened it

  She summoned the light in and I never saw the beauty gone with the wind again.

So there, I really feel like it’s still kind of unfinished and nothing more words have come yet to get it done, but I feel like there’s still more coming, don’t worry guys, I’ll keep you posted when something got in to me.

My boyfriend’s already gone for work and I now am ready for bed. Though not sleep yet, I still got a movie and coffee to finish. Bye! And I’ll come back for more. That is for sure. Have a great day everyone!


FUN FUN FUN……What’s that again?

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I read a tweet just a minute ago, saying;

‘You never realize how boring your life is until someone asks what you like to do for fun.’

And it suddenly hit me, what is the meaning of fun? For me what’s the meaning of it? And for others?

Some people, fun for them is going to the club, dancing, drinking, and partying until they all got wasted. Well, actually that really sounds FUN. While for others, fun is going to museums, drinking tea and seeing passersby, eating, reading your favorite book, writing, drawing or painting, and just having a little drink with someone and talking. And that’s FUN too, and it doesn’t require a maximum level of your energy and you’re not going to get wasted. And I think I belong to this type of people……I guess.

For me FUN means doing what you love to do and you’re having a good time doing it, even if you’re just at home, I don’t usually go out and go partying. When I go out, I could say that I’m having fun in checking out for new books to buy, purchasing books, pens, notebooks, and eating. That simple. And sometimes we’ll take a walk, meander around with a humongous cup of Ice-cream in my hand (one more thing is I barely go out alone) then sometimes we’ll go to museums and art galleries, and if we still got the time, we’ll go to historical places, and at the end of day, I’d say that my day is absolutely complete and FUN :)

I remember when I was still in school, my friends would ask me to come to this certain bar, I’d say yes but I would ditch them on the day we’re going to the bar, and then the next morning I’d see their pictures and obviously they had fun, and I missed it. Then I would tell myself that I’ll come next time, and then again, I would not because I just wanted to stay home, lie on my cozy bed, have a coffee, read a book and write, and then my day will be FUN and I’m satisfied.

Just like what my boyfriend always tell me, we are absolutely opposite.

He’s an adrenaline junkie and I’m not, although I’d like to try skydiving and air gliding someday, but I already imagine that I would faint. He likes being out and I don’t, when I’m tired of going to the mall and he would ask me to go to the mall, I would not come and he’ll get mad. I love outdoors, going to the beach, going to different places and not mall. I remember one time when he ranted about us being just at home and told me ‘You surely can survive and live with boredom’ and  I just shrugged and said that I’m not bored, and he said that he is bored to death, and he wanted to go out, then I’d say that I don’t like and then he’ll be pissed off and go to bed and sleep :P

We’re totally opposite, like how I like classic and vintage , and him modern.

I guess I am contented with just being at home. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t always ditch my friends on night-outs, and turn my boyfriend down with his wanting to go out, I’m not a big spoiler, sometimes I come with them too :P If I feel like coming and when I feel that I need some air and do some new things, I’m still sappy and full of fun sometimes :)

When I was younger I’m always out of the house and I spend more time with my friends than being at home, we drank  like there’s no tomorrow, have sleepovers, go other places and have the so called fun. And when I get older, I’m doing things that I supposedly have done when I was younger. Because before, I’m not allowed to do all those things, but I’m not a very-law-abiding person, I break rules, have fun and do whatever I want as long as I’m not at home. But now is different, I’m on the right age to do all these things and I opt not to do it :P

Anyway, FUN is always there and it’s up with the person on how he’ll have the FUN in his life :) and whatever would that be the most important thing is that you’re happy and you’re living your life to the fullest, that’s all that matters, because life is too short to know, and all you’ve got to do is live it while you still have it…..And be happy :)

So What about you? What is fun for you? I’d love to hear them, so that maybe one time, I’d try ‘em too :)

To the fullest life :) xx


For the past few weeks, my fingers had been itching to fly across the keys on my computer, my thoughts had been itching to get off of my mind, and I’ve been itching for my thoughts to be read again. Hello friends! It’s really nice to be back again and writing, if I’m not mistaken, my last post would be the short story I made, titled, The last of him and that was posted last January. I almost forgotten how good it is to write.

I’ve got a lot of things to spill here, since I was gone for so long.

I know many of you knew and have read the book of Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, that amazing book surely left a deep mark in me, I will never forget how it made me feel like I want to be peculiar, the urge it gave me to find a loop somewhere, and that made me so silly. Well, Ransom Riggs happened to have another masterpiece, and it was titled ‘Hollow City’ a sequel to the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. This second book, I must say is indeed an Obra Maestra! So many nerve-wracking things happened and my heart didn’t skip a beat while I was reading it, my heart was thudding as I read them running as fast as they could away from the wights. And also how Ransom Riggs continued the love affair between Jacob and Emma, but in this book everything is detailed, how they kiss and what they felt. It is filled with adventure, and that actually didn’t allow me to put the book down, and if I did, my hands are itching to grab the book again and read more, and so in two days, I finished it. I wish you could read the book too, for it is such an amazing read.

Source: Goodreads

Source: Goodreads

Before reading Ransom Riggs’ Hollow City, I actually bought two new books. When I got my money, I didn’t think twice, I ran to the bookstore and went to see the book of Lauren Conrad I hid behind the stack of book in the corner shelf. I almost lost hope when I asked the storekeeper if they still got the book and she said no, but then when I checked the shelf where I hid it, it was still there, crammed with other books, seeking for my help to get it out of there and in my mind I said ‘Yes baby, you’re coming home with me.’  So I yanked the book and felt happy instantly, feeling the book’s weight on my hand. The storekeeper saw me, and said ‘Oh! There it is’ And I saidYep, and I’m brilliant.’ And she just smiled.

Source: Goodreads

Source: Goodreads

Source: Goodreads

Source: Goodreads

There were a total of three copies of Lauren Conrad’s book in the store when I last went there, and that was the day I hid it :D I didn’t see the other two copies so I thought that maybe the last copy, which I hid might be gone too, but it wasn’t, so lucky me! But then I didn’t read it, because my boyfriend surprised me the next day with the Hollow City book, which I’ve been waiting for days, because it was out of stock. And then again heaven heard me, and I got the book in my hands, still covered and smells really nice. I started to read, and meet again Jacob. I really wish this book will have a motion picture.

I got so lucky for days and I couldn’t be even more grateful with all those things :D

Actually, there’s one more, I get to talk with my dad. We barely talk to each other, and right now, we talk as if I’m the only person he could ever talk to, and I felt like things are getting worse between him and mom. It feels nice that he’s talking to me, although it makes me really sad hearing the horrible things he is keeping in his heart and the forlorn accustomed to it. As well as with my mom, I feel rueful because they rant almost the same thing, my mom cried to me because of her burdens with my father and my dad did too, I can’t say or do anything to them but sigh and understand both of them. I’m not in the right place to tell them who is right or wrong, they need to talk and sort things out, that’s what I keep telling them. And that’s the best solution I see so far.

Anyway, I know things will get better sooner or later, I’m not expecting for something worst for I believe they won’t come up to a hefty decision that will get the family apart, I still believe that they won’t bring up the ‘D’ word, or the ‘A’ word in the Philippines, that means annulment.

So there you are guys, I hope you are having a good day :) Because I am…….With my coffee!

Julie & Julia’s Touch for the Night

I just like how the confidence just sprung out of Julia Child’s mouth when she answered the woman who runs the Le Cordon Bleu and then she said ‘How much?’ in utter confidence. I’m watching Julie & Julia for the hundredth time now. I’ve never had enough of this movie, it’s funny and inspiring and I like how every characters were blended in to make such beautiful movie as this.

I’m no good cook, but I love to eat. The first I’ve tried to do when I watched this movie was Poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce, and they’re marvelous! I’m like Julie, the blogger and the one who challenged herself to cook all the recipes from Julia Child’s cookbook. Though, I am just a blogger and a foodie only.

Now, I suddenly realized that my life hasn’t started yet. I grow, every day, but my life hasn’t started yet, and then I asked myself when and what am I going to be when it starts? I wish I’ll have it while I’m still young, Julia had it when she was in mid-forties, and Julie was thirty, when she started to blog and relive Julia Child’s cookbook, and her life went differently in an amazing way. People knew her and became a writer. And I wish I could be one.

On top of everything, I also thought what’s it going to be when my future husband will ask me what’s for dinner?

I really wonder, and I smile at this thought. Well I wish I could cook something special every night for him, just like what Julie and Julia does to their husbands everyday, and not just place a plate of Eggs and Spam!

Anyway, I’m almost done with the movie, I’ve watched it a hundred time and I never want to miss the ending. I said I’ll hit the sack ever so early in my life, and that I wouldn’t spend the entire night in front of my computer. But look, I’m finishing this post and this movie……….Julie and Julia.