Now isn’t this nice, I’ve been fishing up for my brain to come up to something really nice for my man. Nah! not really fishing, I just don’t wanna write things I’ve already written before, besides, there were a lot of things that happened to us that are worth writing.

I really love to tell how colorful my love story is, there are the brighter shades of indescribable happiness, and there are the darker shades of morose, brought by the frenzy of circumstances testing us. There is some time when I thought of writing a book walled with our stories, but then I thought that it can’t be done now, for I know that there are more things that await us.

Okay, no more beating around the bush. We met unexpectedly and we always tell to each other that we didn’t find each other, we didn’t wish for each other to come, we both just popped out of nowhere and voila! Three years have passed and we’re still together, making more stories to add up on our book.

Okay, so we met at a dance competition one night where my cousins and friends will compete, and then I saw him, the man whom until now makes my heart to pound and make the butterflies to flutter vigorously in my stomach. My cousin named Gem introduced him to me, because they were classmates in high school and was close to each other, I didn’t shake hands with him for I was so shy and I know that he was too, before we’re introduced, I already noticed him, and yes, I was enthralled. He’s robust, and seems like a bad boy which I really like. That night when I met him ended without anything, like him asking for my number or my full name for him to search on Facebook so he could add me, nothing happened.

Two months passed and I was so mirthful and astonished when I opened my phone after a beep, and it was him, the long wait is finally over, and he didn’t know how utterly mirthful I was. We really didn’t talk every day since the day he texted me, because he only tops up his phone in the weekends, after weeks of exchanging messages with him, we finally saw each other in the flesh. My cousin invited us to go to her school because she was a participant in a pageant and she wanted us to watch her and have some support. And there, we talked a lot. I am a very talkative and open person, and I know exactly that I drove his mind crazy, mad! I mean. Then there, we only talked the whole night, we didn’t watch the show because we became ‘bag watchers’, but it was all fun, talking to him and everything.

Months passed and same routine went, until December of year 2010 we became one. And that was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me, just right before my birthday. It was the best gift God have given me. And that is what I’m always thankful for, every day, that I still have this crazy man with me.

Months after months and after more months things are getting different, change it is, and we are no exception. We got into series of plights coming our way, misunderstandings and worst of all, break up. We broke up one time and then one time again, and then back again. Things became difficult and I became difficult for him to understand but he never gave up on me, and then here I am, making it all up to him, trying our best to have the ‘Clean slate’ relationship we once had. You see, we are on the darker shades now, but as these all go by it’s getting brighter. Maybe we are on our third relationship, but it’s all getting better and better, we both learned from our past, from the mistakes we did to unintentionally hurt each other, we are recuperating from the damage and we are growing up, and not apart. I learned how to speak whenever I feel bad even though not all the time because it’s not really easy for me to talk my feelings out when I’m mad or upset, I am meek, but then, bit by bit I could speak up, I learned not to be selfish anymore, where I don’t have to only think of my feelings but his too, especially when we’re having a row, and mostly, I learned that you can’t get everything handed to you on a platter, you need to work for it, and that was something I suck at before.

Years really changed us and the flow of our lives, and I could never be more blessed having this man in my life, who thought me a lot of things, opened my eyes and made me realize everything, he changed me. Before he always tells me that I changed him and became a better person he could ever be, and yes I saw that too, he is a changed man, and that started from the very beginning of our chapter. He always tells me that it was I why he became better, and now I’m going to tell that to him that very same thing when I became better, just like him.

There are still so many things that will come ahead of us, more changes, and even though I hate changes I know that I could get use it, because he’s with me and we too, are going to making changes. There will still be storms that will shake our ground and drive the both of us mad, but I know, and I’m so faithful that if fall down, we’ll just get back up, together, just like what we always do. There are still more things I need to learn and there he is, my man, my friend, my enemy, my teacher, and my love. I know God knows how much I really love and adore this man, and that’s why he let him stay with me and be mine.


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