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Either by an accident or whatever made you visit and meander around my blog, either way, I’m grateful and I’m ecstatic of you dropping by. Welcome! :)

This blog is my domain, this is my way of bearing out my interests, predicaments that make my head go crazy, and my life? This is some sort of a confession room for me; for I know here I could speak my thoughts out, which my mouth can’t speak of. This is my ESCAPE!

So a dash of me, I’m merely an average person, who loves coffee, enthused with the comfort of chocolates, and loves to take a trip inside a book. I’m a student from an eminent university here in the Philippines, and am taking a course in Mass Communication.

I’m interested with vintage, photography, killn’ outfits, and shoes :) I love to look and stare at breathtaking photos of scenes, and places, and sometimes when I close my eyes I find myself lurking inside it, wearing a bikini, a large sun hat and sunnies, and a drink in my hand, as of now I don’t know what kind of drink, maybe I’ll update you when I thought of something :P These things are my escape when I stare at them, escape from the place where I am right now.

I’m a humongous lover of fiction, especially those written by my best-loved authors, Sophie Kinsella and Nicholas Sparks. Danielle Steel is also one of my best-loved authors, but I don’t crave for her books like I do with Sophie Kinsella (Sorry Danielle :)) but I do really love her books.

Okay so thanks for dropping by and I’m hopeful you will enjoy reading my works on the other side of my blog. Have a nice trip in my twisty world. I am an open person, and it’ll be lovely if we’ll get along, I love making friends, and if you want to reach for me, I have my second refuge which is my twitter, and we can absolutely have a nice chit-chat :) Ciao!

So much love,


44 thoughts on “The Blogger

  1. Hello, Ann, my very best wishes to you in your writing endeavours. Perhaps what you see in the my blog will guide you a little bit :-) Welcome to the blog!


  2. You have a great eye for words; you also have a great future ahead of you in the beautiful world of writing. Don’t ever lose that spark that makes your readers smile. Any questions you have, come find me.

    Keep your pen busy!
    Your Friend & Creative Writer – Alex.


    • You don’t know how this feedback made me better, I was so frustrated earlier today, and when I see this, this is just so amazing, I am so grateful that you appreciated my work, it means a lot to me :) Thank you so much, your message took my frustration away :)


  3. First off I would like to say thanks for the follow(:
    Also I would like to let you know that I just stalked your blog for about an hour reading multiple posts. I wasn’t planning to do this, but I just couldn’t get enough! This blog seems to be what I am going for with mine. Sharing thoughts, speaking my mind, a way to get everything off my mind… just rambling. Thank you for these posts! They are truly an inspiration!
    Much Love, Gemma


    • Hi! :) You don’t know how delighted I am, thank you so much for meandering around my blog, I really appreciate it and thankful that you liked it :)
      And I hope that you’ll read my future posts :) Hope to hear from you again.

      xxxxx, Ann


  4. You’re so lucky that people actually read your blog, no one reads my blog.

    Anyway that’s not why I wanted to comment; the reason for my commenting is, well wow, you have a really freshly cut and beautiful blog. I’ve read a few of your recent posts and I can see where all the popularity is coming from. You’re a great story teller and you have a cute little personality that shines through even some plain words. Your blog sucked me in, as it probably does with everyone.

    I hope we can become friends. I’ll follow your blog, and I would love to keep updated.


    • I am so lucky that I got a new follower and a friend like you :) I am so flattered with everything you said to me and I can really feel my head swelling up because of everything you said to me.. You are really nice and I am so grateful that you liked my works. I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, and I just opened my blog right now, and I’m so happy because you are such a good news :)

      Don’t you worry, people will soon notice you :) I’ve been through that, I was worried sick that people won’t notice and read my works, worse no one would follow me, even now, I am still worried. But I just keep posting and sharing my works :) And I’m glad that someone like you appreciates them. Thank you so much!

      We could be really good friends, and count me in as your follower, I’ll surely visit your blog after this :)

      Nice to meet you friend :) Just keep posting.

      Lots of love, Ann :)


      • You’re literally so cute and adorable! I’m glad that my words made you happy, making people happy makes my stomach feel all good inside; aahah.

        I would love love love to be friends with you, and I am so glad you didn’t get discouraged from blogging — because you know what? You’re really good at it, that is why your blog is so well known and read. You shouldn’t worry one bit.

        It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.

        Lots of love right back at you & Happy holidays!


      • Thank you so much dear :) You know my head is really swelling, haha! I’m so flattered.

        And you too, don’t you worry, because sooner or later people will start to notice you and your works :) Just keep posting, and I won’t miss any of it :)

        Happy holidays dear! To you and to your loved ones.


  5. Thanks for stopping by my pages! You have a lovely blog which I will definitely be revisiting. I’m also an avid Kinsella reader! There are some reviews on my blog somewhere!!


  6. Great blog! Looking forward to reading some more of your work when I have extra free time. Thank you for stopping by my neck of the writing woods as well!



  7. You have a book title there “My Trip Inside A Book”. Love it. You have follower. I clicked the Twitter to follow but it wouldn’t take me there. I’m @ronovanwhester if you want to follow and I’ll follow back. PROMISE! :)


  8. Dear Ann,

    Thank you for taking the time to follow Travel Bugg. I really appreciate you and wish you well on your writing journey.

    Keep escaping into books and photos of amazing places while keeping your eyes open to tangible opportunities around you, too.



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