Perfectly Human

And I’m back! Been pretty busy these past few weeks, and I feel terribly for not being able to write… Pretty much preoccupied as well. That’s one reason why I decided to give in and write something. Not just write something, but pour my heart out. For the couple of days, I’ve been stressing about… Continue reading Perfectly Human


The Sugar Queen (Review)

The moment I finished β€œThe Peach Keeper” by Sarah Addison Allen, I got famished for more of her books. Craved for the lush story with hints of magic and love, that will truly get you hooked, and fall under the spell. I always believed that books will always find you; it will undoubtedly find its… Continue reading The Sugar Queen (Review)


The Peach Keeper (Review)

The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen was like what my mamma makes, a beautiful, succulent, and tremendously sweet pie, utterly made to perfection that just invites you to slice into it and devour a piece. Sarah took me to the town Walls of Waters, where the prominent and once the town’s grandest home Blue… Continue reading The Peach Keeper (Review)


Loving Wrong People

I got questions. These questions have been lingering in my mind, since like forever. Why do I always fall for someone who doesn’t even see me? What’s wrong with me? I don’t deserve it. I know. But why do I always came across with the wrong people? What did I ever do to them? And… Continue reading Loving Wrong People


Update! Update!

Good morning! Many days have passed since I last visited my wonderland and I must admit I am quite behind schedule now (from my content calendar). Last Thursday our internet connection has become incompetent LOL! :DΒ  so, no facebook, wordpress, nor twitter for me. If you’re going to ask, how about phone? Well, my phone… Continue reading Update! Update!



In response to the daily prompt; Struggle She thought that he was, by far, the most decent man she ever had. Everything is amazing and flawless at the beginning, that everyday in your life you would just thank God how lucky you are to have your partner. Beautiful days, amazing dates, and exciting new things.… Continue reading Struggle

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Keeping Up

My mind had been in a constant battle lately, going through a lot of confusion and dilemmas which led me to always overthink, whether it be about my job, blog, and with my writing. I am scared sometimes, thinking about my writing, that I might lose my love for writing, that I might get tired… Continue reading Keeping Up