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I’ve Got Your Number

Frantic and worried-sick Poppy was left in the hotel looking for her engagement ring, an emerald-family heirloom engagement ring, and aside from the ominous fact that the wedding is just weeks away, she’ll be meeting her fiancé’s parents and she needs to have the ring on her finger, but where is it? Not only has she… Continue reading I’ve Got Your Number



You will meet a lot of new people, different new people. Experience new things and surely, you will go through waves of emotions. It is a fact that at first, it’s going to be so sweet and enticing that you’ll forget how to be rational sometimes (hey you are just a human, don’t tell me… Continue reading NOT YOUR TYPICAL SURVIVAL GUIDE



Months have passed and yes, I must admit I’m so inconsistent when it comes to posting and updating my blog. Right now, I’m trying the best that I could to publish one. When you’re at work, where do you usually sit? Or where do you prefer? If you ask me, I prefer sitting near the window,… Continue reading Wanderer


Embrace The Changes

If there are no changes, there are no IMPROVEMENTS. I said I hate changes, and change as we all know is inevitable and it’s the only constant thing that ever exists. But I think my perception is about to change. I am currently on my tenth day or most probably, the last day of my… Continue reading Embrace The Changes

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Mission Accomplished for Library of Souls

God, days pass so fast. Who would have thought that it’s going to be Valentine’s day in few more days? Well, that’s not what I really want to point out here. It’s already February and still no progress with my wee space here, I’ve been pretty much preoccupied with everything in my life, and it… Continue reading Mission Accomplished for Library of Souls


The 4am Thoughts

I’ve been playing with my keys and with words as well, killed my backspace key to delete the words I think are wrong and should not be read, which I wish could be done to my thoughts as well. To delete some permanently and make my mind even more at peace. This will be just… Continue reading The 4am Thoughts

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Memories Deep Deep Down

In response to the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt: Your Days are Numbered At such a young age, my life was tied earlier than I expected, not because I got a child now, no, it was years ago when it all started. My teen years were filled with music, fun, competitions, and to be candour enough,… Continue reading Memories Deep Deep Down