Weekday Wanderings

The long wait has been finally over! Months ago, I asked my husband what would he like to do on his birthday (which was last week) and he said that he'd like to go on a staycation, I conceded to the idea because we've been pining for a vacation/staycation somewhere really nice. He told his …

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Life Happens

...that's what happens to dreams -- Life gets in the way. I must admit I was more focused on writing years ago. Most of my days are spent in front of my laptop, writing drafts, publishing blog posts, participating in every writing challenges and daily prompts, you name it. I have this ardent will to …

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My 2018 Summary

2018 finally came to a close, a beautiful year for me indeed. It's true that a lot can happen in a day, what more in a year? So I'm taking the liberty to look back and relish yesteryear's string of events. I'm a very soft-hearted person, that marshmallow-soft-kind-of, I could easily get hurt with the …

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Sunday Snapshot

It's a cheery Sunday morning. Last night's rain has left a fresh, clean, & cool feeling with every breeze that brushes against my face. Today I'd like to share my Sunday snapshot -- Siblings Love. I always watch my two sons play together, sometimes it gets rough, sometimes they get vexed with each other, and …

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Couchpotato’s Back!

I'm back! I'm quite uncertain whether the words I've used to describe how I feel right now would actually fit. But I am truly ecstatic and thrilled to the very core that I'm able to do this again-- To write, and blog. Thrilled that others would read my words and thoughts again, be able to …

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Books Worthy Of Tears

A book is certainly powerful, that it could make you feel so much with the words inside the covers, and by the people living inside it. You'll feel transported into their world and feel the emotions, the circumstances and makes it so real in your bones. So compelling, that it could make you linger for …

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