In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Green-Eyed Monster.” It started when I was truly young. She was the apple of their eyes, a sweetheart of everyone, and for them, the most beautiful and smartest girl then. And I was like a shadow, her shadow. I was her backup for a long time, when… More SHE

Fictional Crushes

Whenever I read a good book, I always get hooked with the characters, those who got strong, assertive and really admiring personality, especially to male characters. I sometimes even think that this kind of guy (same as the one in the book) is real, and he is just here somewhere and then I would feel… More Fictional Crushes

Wednesday Writing

The other night, I tried to write and make a 750-word prompt, I just write and write about everything because that’s what its purpose, to keep me going and so I did. But I suddenly became somnolent and don’t blame me I got so tired with all the chores left to me, plus I got… More Wednesday Writing