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The Light.

I meet up with a friend one evening in July last year, I was pregnant that time, and in total maelstrom. I sought help and she didn’t hesitate to come up with the plan of meeting me and lend a hand. So earlier that evening we saw each other, had a bit of catching up… Continue reading The Light.

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An Open Letter — To the MEANEST of them all.

Since I haven’t made an open letter for my entire blog’s existence, I decided to write one and post one. An inspiration, or the motivation sparked inside me to write these past couple of days due to unbecoming circumstances… And now, I’m taking the liberty of making an open letter. This is for you. Yes,… Continue reading An Open Letter — To the MEANEST of them all.

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A $64,000 Question

Ask Yourself – What Do I Wish I’d Known 5 Years Ago? Year 2012 was immensely colourful for me. Filled with dramas, full of twists and turns of events. And to answer that question, What do I wish I’d known five years ago? That’d be, I wish I’d known that I’ll be living my life… Continue reading A $64,000 Question

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Smitten Monday

Can we just go back? Like to the waiting-for-me-to-arrive-from-work-and-eat-subway-sandwiches kind of time? The love maybe was not that ardent, nor deep yet but it was one of the great times. I became totally nostalgic when his brother tapped me one night and said good-bye for work, before, when it’s time for his brother to go,… Continue reading Smitten Monday

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On Being A Mother

A lot can happen in a snap, what more in a week, a month, or even a year. For the last couple of months since the year started, waves of changes occurred in my life, in our lives probably. There were the good ones, and bad. But I must say, I don’t regret any of… Continue reading On Being A Mother