The great lost; The urge to read

It’s now 2013, and I guess right now’s the time to spill some things to you. I’m not so certain about it, but it was last September when I noticed that I lost the interest in reading and writing. I didn’t find the urge to read nor just open a book. I would grab a book but I would just hold it, or sometimes when I open it or try to read a bit of it, I find myself reading the first paragraph but there’s nothing coming inside my head, it’s like my mind is at some place elsewhere. I haven’t read for like over four months, I tried to read Jane Austen’s book but seems like I’m really not in the picture of reading.

I saw lists of new books in other bloggers’ page, and I’m thankful that I might get myself back on to reading again, as well as with writing too, because I can’t write and disclose some things, which is not the usual me, and the lack of reading is probably the cause.

I don’t know yet what to do with this predicament I’m in, but I guess I’ll just have to keep myself up and solve this thing. I got loads of book to read in my room, and all of them are untouched. Every time I stare at them I feel excited to read but disappointed ‘coz I can’t start one.

I don’t know exactly what to do from here, I’m disappointed, not with the book, but with myself. I’ll face this and I’m hopeful for a solution for this.

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