Spill the Beans!


The last two days were good. I was able to read again Pride and Prejudice continuously, and luckily I’m absorbing everything that I’m reading as it is the first book in my monthly book challenge’s list, plus I’m almost halfway of finishing it, hopefully tonight. I said that I lost my will in reading, and now it’s good to be back, hence, I made a list of books to read after my book challenge for this month. I’m hoping for a treat! I’m hoping that I would get those good books next month. Aside from the good thing about my reading matter, last night, I was thinking of something to write, a twinge of exhilaration came to me and it felt good! I’m getting back to my business! I’m getting my normal life back! So I thought, this is it, I’m starting to write and I’m doing what my favorite words are saying ‘Spill The Beans!’

The thought that suddenly popped out of my mind was ‘me’ being invisible or me being obscure. People never really know me, I got friends, a lot of friends but they don’t know more of me. I got my friends in high school, who knows a little of me, but now? Do they know that the places I want to set foot is London and Paris? Or do they know that my passion is all about writing, gobbling chocolates, and gulping a nice cup of coffee? And what about those people near me? do they know these things about me? Do they know that when I got the money, a good job and a stable life, I’m planning to be a benefactor and I want to support a charity? Or better if God would let me build my own foundation.

All these things are all concealed. And I’m tremendously satisfied that right now, I disclosed things. And I’m happy to let myself out even in this kind of way. If you would ask me about what I really want to do in the future time. I would answer, I’d like to be an author, maybe a columnist or an editor-in-chief. I just want to write, that simple. Now if someone will tell me, that I will grow up with nothing, then I must believe they’re just fiction 🙂 and I make my own reality, my story and they just belong in a book full of loathsome stories.

Now, I’m able to start again, I’ll make sure that everything that I do, will be done beautifully. I feel good about this right now, and I’m looking forward for more beautiful things to come.

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