Places I Ever Wanna Dwell

When you ask me where I want to be, live, and pursue my dreams? I’d say merely one thing, and that’s EUROPE. When I’m reading Sophie Kinsella’s books, setting are likely to be in London, I read this book with utter fancy, I read it feeling like I’m the character in the book. And when I watched the movies like Pride and Prejudice, Marie Antoinette and Sherlock Holmes, there’s nothing that came to me but fancy and imagine myself to be in that place. Read a book and have a nice cup of coffee.


PARIS. When I hear this word and see  pictures of Paris, all I ever think is to set foot to this place. For me this is the most beautiful place i’ll ever be in. I want to live here, have macarons, coffee, chocolates, read a good book, dine in  a very beautiful restaurant, have desserts, indulge my tongue on succulent foods  and be a writer to this place. Plus I also want to shop-hop the beautiful stores in Paris. Buy designer clothes, shoes, bags, and perfumes.


When I saw the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ where the movie sets place in Paris, I was so thrilled and inspired. And that gave me the urge to be in this place sooner or later.


London, this is the place where I wanna have my career. The busy roads of London amaze me. I want to see the beauty of country side and inhale the breezy air in the morning. I want to be in the beautifully bricked-buildings, visit libraries and try the legendary TELEPHONE cubicle 🙂

Sometimes when I’m reading Sohie Kinella books, I never let the book slip off my hand even a second, because I feel myself walking in the place, walking in London Roads. When I set foot to this gorgeous place? I’ll never miss writing, writing the beauty I’m gonna see and the mirth I’m going to feel, I won’t miss a chance of letting the world know that I’m experiencing a splendid thing a person could ever have.


These two, are the places special to me, but aside from these, there are more places that I wanna visit, like Greece, Brazil, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, and United Kingdom. There’s no more I could ever ask when I get to these places. Fulfill my dreams, be a writer and have a pleasant life.

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