Disappointments Along The Way

So it’s already 4 am, a good time to drain a cup of coffee, and so I’m having one.  I’m not so sure where this would lead; I just let the words yank up. Honestly, I really love to hear the chips of the keyboard click-clacking! And I love to see my fingers flying through the keyboard. It’s like that I’m about to disclose something vague, and I kinda like it, ideas will just pop out! But it’s an awful thing to think that I wasn’t able to do this for ages, write about a page everyday. I would keep telling myself that I have to make time for it, go some place to freshen up a bit, relax and have time to compose myself blah! Blah! Blah! But at the end of the day, I would realize I’d say this once more ‘coz I haven’t done any of it, and how disappointing would that be?

One more thing that disappoints me is about my ‘Monthly Book Challenge’. Said I’m going to finish four books for this month, but what I can see is, I could only finish two books for this month, for my mood in reading is being odious. But I won’t tolerate that sort of thing, I know I have to be more disciplined and I know I have to fight that feeling. Because I already know myself by now, I’m just distracted with some other things so just have to sort that out.

But I’m just so exhilarated to have new books for the coming days; I’m looking forward on purchasing these books.

10637697 10647131 13624688


I’ve read their reviews and they’re all interesting, and sure they’re all pleasant reads. So, just before I could purchase these goods, have to pull myself together so I would finish the other books on my list ‘at the eleventh hour’ and then I could end everyday in a very productive one.

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