Happy 200th Anniversary Lizzy and Mr. Darcy!

It is a truth universally acknowledges that Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy are the most intriguing and lovely couple Jane Austen has ever made. Well, for me though.

So Happy 200th Anniversary Pride and Prejudice!

Maybe I am really meant to finish the book last night, and I am so delighted to finish Pride and Prejudice. It’s very commendable, it is one long streak of mind-numbing, descriptive and hard-to-extract-through classics, but I utterly loved it! So here I am very ecstatic to spill something about it.


Of all characters, Lizzy Bennet is my favorite. I admire her for her intelligence, convictions, bluntness, and being undaunted with what she think and how she feels, she stood for what she believe, and that bivouacked until the very last time her perception is to be tested, it was when Lady Catherine tried to coax Lizzy not to concede Mr. Darcy’s proposal of marriage, but Lizzie didn’t fall for that folly.

And so their love story sprung out, seemingly unpredictable, for Mr. Darcy’s elusive character. For a man like him, which is known to be proud, conceited, and disagreeable? It’s a little bit hard for him to make Elizabeth take a hint of his admiration and love. Everything that took place really fancied me and made me not to miss a single bit of it. This is not the first classic novel I’ve read, so the dullness is a bit tolerable.

I have watched the movie just before I read the book, so I am as well anticipating and see the details and events occurred with every word. So it became easy for me then to absorb everything.

This book really captivated my heart, and made me certainly in love with the characters. Pride and Prejudice surely left a mark in my mind, that’s why every picture of events is flashing at the back of my mind. And I shall keep it last in my memory.


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