Watch your business grow and relationship flunk



(Artwork from Arthur de pins)

‘I accidentally saw this photo while browsing stuffs, it’s nice and it gave me a story’


‘Tonight’s going to be a great night!’

That’s what she keeps telling herself. It’s been four months since she last saw her boyfriend, and she’s just exhilarated for her boyfriend’s come back, even though she’s still mad at him because he barely reached out for her. Well as expected, you can’t always have their time, barely. Clients always have them and that’s what she’s jealous of.

She got back to her flat from work and had a nice bath. She wore her red Dolce and Gabbana which her boyfriend gave on her birthday, she wore her make-up and didn’t overdo it, spatter her best-loved perfume and she’s done.  The chauffeur came by seven to pick her up and take her to his beau at the restaurant, she arrived at the restaurant and a good-looking man with a very sexy accent usher her to their seat. His beau stood up to assist her and who is still on his phone, talking to somebody.

Business again, she thought. She then wondered if by chance that he felt like he missed her.

They’re always interrupted with his phone beeping and receiving calls from someone, all through their meal his phone beeps. So their meal is over, her beau reaches for his pocket, and produces a red box and laid it on the table. She stared at it then to her boyfriend and back to the ring, she saw her man smiling while peeking at his phone, then he proposed to her. That’s what she’s been waiting for, and to her utter happiness, nothing came to her mouth, but ‘Yes’.

His beau then slipped the grand ring to her finger, his phone beeped and he took it, excused himself to answer it and she just watched her beau talk business, which he said is very important matter for their life.


She then just hoped that she could be his business…..

4 thoughts on “Watch your business grow and relationship flunk

  1. Next chapter please! That was great! I liked the likeness to some chick lit books I have previously read also the cross over between reality and fiction. Just shows how thought provoking some pictures can be!


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