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Drastic Situation

So I’ve been out of the scene for how many weeks now, one? two? I don’t know. All I know is the reason why.

I’m back with my medical quandary right now, the same pus that I got when I had my right ankle undergone to a minor surgery. And I have four! right now, yes, you read it right. It’s so painful, but I don’t want tot go back to the hospital and be cut again.  I’m scared of cuts, apparatus that would cut my skin or flesh, and I hate to see blood. I hate pain.

Now, I still have two more to ditch, and thank GOD! the other one popped this morning, and thank God it wasn’t that painful (tad pain) so I got myself to write and make an update. It’s nice to read new releases, it made me motivated to write right now. Anyway, I’m gonna make a new short story from a picture I saw at my sister’s phone, it’s good and I thought of something to put some twist out of it. Ciao!

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