Stupendous Lunch at its best; Vikings Potlatch

MONDAY, February 18, 2013

Yesterday was all the fun. We went at Vikings Buffet to have lunch, well, a stupendous, succulent and worth-paid-for meal.

Now let me share these succulent foods I’m talking about.


Appetizers, what I had for appetizers was these Oyster Rockefeller with cheese sauce and slices of Corned Beef (left side of the plate)

And also, Sushi and Crab Sticks on the other plate at the left side.


And right here, Caviar and Cream Cheese (upper right) are to see, Nachos (upper middle plate), and slices of Baguette, Olives, Corn, Ham, and Tempura with two squares of blue cheese  ( lower middle plate) and that’s probably my meal.


Main Course,  I had Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Pepper Sauce, and Fish Fillet in Chili,  but I forgot to take a picture of it. So I only got the picture of the Beef Tenderloin below.


Next, Desserts! 🙂 I have this so called ‘Sweet tooth’ and mine is actually a MASSIVE SWEET TOOTH 😛 I am so keen with desserts, so here’s the first round of my ‘Dessert Gala‘ 🙂

I have here, Strawberry Fields ice-cream at the top of the plate, Red Velvet cake, and Crème brûlée. Succulent feast isn’t it, can’t help myself to drool once more when I’m looking at the pictures while making this entry. They’re utterly delicious and what more can I  say? Everything is PERFECT!


For the finale , I have here the second round of my ‘Dessert Gala’ which are Strawberry Panna Cotta, and Coffee Jelly and Bubble gum and Vanilla Ice CreamI forgot to take a picture of the two, for I ate the Ice Creams immediately when I perched myself at our seat. Love this lots tremendously! I was going to take more of the desserts but my breadbasket was already full from all the dishes I ate.


I really had fun with our lunch yesterday at Vikings. I was with good-natured and fun-to-be-with people whom are my man’s friends, well then I take I should say ‘WE HAD FUN’ 🙂

And so there they are 🙂 hope you’d like my entry!  Ciao!


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