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Friday, February 22, 2013

I haven’t start my February Four-Book Challenge, and I think I would fail it again, for I am  busy with my paperworks for my vacation this summer. Maybe I’d be able to commence the book challenge this March. 

However, I have here the new books I bought few days ago in a fair price. These books re in great discount that time and cha-ching! I am so lucky! 🙂 Anyway, I’m starting to read Julie & Julia, I already saw the movie of this book and it’s great. I wanted to read the book after I saw the movie, I’ve been looking for this book, and just luck came, I bought in a fair price. 

Sometimes, I’m thinking, what are actually my basis in purchasing books. Well of course I read synopsis at the back of the book, hence, when I look at the title and felt a pang of exhilaration or if the title intrigued me, then into the basket it goes 🙂 and sometimes I look at beautiful covers too. 

Well as long as the story is great, it will all go into the basket anyways. What about you? what’s your basis in purchasing books? 


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