Books for March

So here are the books that are due to be read this March. I don’t know what’s going to happen this March, whether I’ll be in HongKong for a Vacation or just here in the Philippines and be stuck with my studies, books, and blog.

Well, if I’ll be here this March, I’ve planned some things for me and my boyfriend. Go to some place out of town, go to the beach, mall, dinner dates, and whatever that will come in mind. But of course, that also means ‘SAVING A LOT OF MONEY’ summer is not a good season to be in short for money, right? especially when there are books that need to be purchased that’s accordingly to months, is that a good scheme? making a list of books to purchase monthly? I just made it so I won’t lose track of the books I want to read. Right now, I have here the books that I want to read this March.Image

1. Perks of Being a Wallflower 

this books is supposed to be part of my ‘Monthly Four-Book Challenge’ and this was due last january, but things just came in the way, and I failed that first challenge I made for myself, so now it’s moved to March.

Hence, I wasn’t able to purchase this book, for I bought different books from the Book Sale, because this book was nowhere to be found in the shelves.

Prices were dwindled for 50%-75% out of the original price, it’s a bargain! and just like what the expression says ‘Strike while the Iron’s Hot’ opportunity’s not always there, and I’m talking about sales and discounts! 😛

So I took the liberty to buy discounted books, even if they’re not on my list.

And here’s what I’m talking about, second on the list, One Day in May by Catherine Alliott. This is one of the discounted books I bought at the Book Sale, and this book is seriously thick. I got fascinated with its thickness, And I was challenged, that I could finish this in no time, plus the cover is certainly cute. Remember what I said in my last entry? I’m keen with book covers, and it’s one of my bases in purchasing a book.


Third on the list is Echoes by Danielle Steel 

I got intrigued with the synopsis at the back of the book when I saw it at the Book Sale, bought it last January and haven’t read it, because I read books accordingly, and I got this reserved for March


Fourth, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

I saw this good book one time when I visited this book caught my interest. Now I got this baby for March, and I’m looking forward in reading this goody.

9460487Then last but not least, the book will that will end my books for March is from Sarah Mason titled Playing James. 

I’m so keen with novels like this, I got books that are actually in the same genre like this. They’re just so funny yet witty. Entertaining indeed.


So there it is, and I’m very hopeful that I would finish the full monty within the time I anticipated it should be done. Ciao!


6 thoughts on “Books for March

  1. Perks of Being a Wallflower was fantastic. I loved every word of it. I’m also glad to see I’m not the only person who judges a book by its cover before anything else. I’m really big about books from the same genre as a “Popular but Unsatisfactory book” and have therefore copied the same idea of that books cover to sell more.
    Example: “Twilight” it uses a cover scheme which is simple. Take an object, black and white it, make one vibrant color visible (Red most times), then make the background black. Guess what book did this as well? Fifty shades of gray. (No red, but same scheme)
    Apparently most authors don’t have any control of what goes on the cover of the book, leaving that to the publisher. I just hate the fact that I am turned away from possibly good reads by the subconscious idea of marketing strategies.


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