A Date With a Stranger


(Artwork by Arhur de pins)

The lady

Aaaah… I can’t help myself to stare at this gorgeous and wonderful man, sitting in front of me. This emphatic fervor I have is so inexplicable; my stomach is full of butterflies, butterflies with humongous, colorful, fluttering wings in utter mirth. This man made my heart beat again beat in rage, and it’s so unstoppable. And I can’t help to utter that I’m immensely and undoubtedly in love with him.

I suddenly remember the previous months that I was utterly forlorn, those months that I don’t want to be with anybody, just to be with my boozes and my bed only. Those months that all I ever thought of is how painful I am feeling, and how shattered my heart was, that was the worst of times.

But now it’s all different, I get to dine at my favorite restaurants again, hang-out with my girls, and finally have my beautiful life back again, but you know what I like the most? Is that I’m never alone again every night in my bed. This man changed everything; this man showed me how beautiful life is.

I just wonder, what does my man feel about me right now? ‘Cause me? I’m immensely and irrevocably in love with him….

The Man

Ugggh! How long are we going to stay here? How many more hours am I going to see that weird face she keeps showing me since the last hours I got here. Well, I’m only here because of the Lamborghini car she’s going to buy for me, and the platinum card she said she’ll arrange for me, that’s all, and if it wasn’t for those things, I wouldn’t be here. Instead I’ll be at Saffie’s penthouse in New York, making love and emptying a bottle of good champagne with her, and just spending the great evening with her. But I’m here, with this weird girl staring at me, this little girlfriend I’m not really serious with.

I remember when I met her last five months at some bar in New Jersey; she’s beautiful, and rich, seriously rich. She looked at me, I mean stared at me, just like what she’s doing right now. I knew, just looking through her eyes, she wants something. Since then, we’ve been hanging-out, having dinner in every amazing restaurants America has to offer, after a month, she told me she loves me, she said that to me when we’re on her ginormous bed in her penthouse, taking a rest from a very good sex, for her it’s called ‘Passionate sex’ but for me it’s just a casual hook-up. She bought me expensive goodies, and now she’s going to buy me a ride, Lamborghini baby!

That’s why I’m here, that’s the only agenda I got in mind, to talk about the car and have my very own platinum card, with lots of money from her. And when I got those things? I’ll take Saffie to Las Vegas, indulge ourselves with the money I got (thanks to this weirdo)

I can’t take it any longer now, can we just get this over with?? And no, I’m not going to have sex with you.

I have my lovely Saffie waiting for me……


3 thoughts on “A Date With a Stranger

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