Missing you

Feeling confused everytime

Thinking how deeply in love I am

‘Cause you’re spitting image in my mind all the time

Imagining you with me is as sweet as ham

You make every single sound so articulate

So I can’t resist from staying up so late

Wondering when I’m going to see you, ’cause I can’t wait

To be with you and treasure every moment, like what we always create

There’s no dull moment that we cannot bear

Every single second of my life it’s with you I want to outwear

I’ll give you all of my time for us to spare

And if they’re against it, then I don’t care

I always want to be with you

Own the time and take the moment only for us two

‘Cause missing you makes me sad and confused too

Bewildered if you’re missing me the same way that I do



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