Cross out Procrastination!

I thought this thing is not a big deal, I thought this thing is not vile, I thought it’s controllable. But I’m undoubtedly mistaken.

How many endeavors have I missed doing? How many books have I missed reading on time? and How many tasks have I obliterated? I say, Countless! And it’s Bad! I’ve been stressing about Procrastination, for months now, and I don’t know how to get rid of it, this simple word with a highly ominous meaning.

I tend to do a lot of works before, in fact, writing is my name and dig-in-to-a-lot-of-books is my surname, it’s like my day wouldn’t be complete without doing these things, but now? things are unpleasantly changed. Lie-down-to-your-covers is my new name, and tweet-and-play-your-best-loved-apps is my surname, sometimes I also have nickname, and that probably be ‘Daydream-all-you-can’. I want to ditch all these things and finish what I actually started. I wonder how my books would feel if by chance they’re alive and they’re being neglected, and how my characters are gone outrageously mad at me for having an unfinished love story or worse, an untold life.

I am very keen on changing this kind of routine, I want something for a change, or just bring back my old regimen, I don’t want to be possessed with the temptation of slack and just have a very productive spare time. Sometimes, I feel rueful that I don’t update this blog frequently, albeit I intended to. I always plan, make a scheme of the things I wanted to do, write, and read. Actually, I tried making memorandum with the use of post-its, and I’d love to say that the first two days of doing that, was successful, I was able to put things to action, but when the days passed, I saw unmarked post-its on the wall, empty word pad, and a not updated blog.

I don’t want to end this month still having that kind of routine, I want to have a good entry everyday, and finish a book at the drop of a hat. It could be that hard especially when the temptation of slack is always around, but I am willing to try and help myself.

2 thoughts on “Cross out Procrastination!

  1. Thanks for the follow! I know that writing can be SO hard with all the distractions. Keep persevering. It takes time to learn self-discipline. Unplug your TV, take a break from social media! Do what it takes. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I’m so grateful with your advice, and for dropping by. I’ve bee striving with not getting tempted in spending as much time in social media than with my usual endeavors, but I’m taking things slowly. Discipline won’t gain just in a snap right? 🙂 Thank you so much again, feedback are really helpful and it motivates me 🙂 😀


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