A Throwback For Myself

I’m really getting myself to turmoil, thinking about what to put up in my blog. I haven’t write for the whole week if I’m not mistaken, and I’m stressing about it ’cause I really want to put something. So it’s already 3:45 AM and thanks to my coffee, it’s been very helpful for me, it’s mollifying me from the cold and just turned me into writing 🙂 Yeeyy!

This post thrilled me 🙂 I posted here my favorite song from the 90’s and yeah! I’m a 80’s and 90’s sucker, and this one’s one of my best-loved songs, ‘Last Thing On My Mind‘ from Steps 🙂 I always dance to this song when I was a kid and I know all the lyrics, I actually forgot this song, the title and the band, but I know the rhythm of the song, so I always hum it, until one day, I can’t stand it with just the humming, I want to hear it again, I searched and voila! Hearing this song never fails me 🙂 I’m going back to my childhood years when I hear this song, memories of me dancing, copying the band’s dance steps and singing as well are coming again, and I like it. Very much! And finally I got something to write about 🙂

It’s Saturday already guys, and this song is perfect for the day to just lay back 🙂

Happy Weekends Guys! and I hope you’d like this song. Ciao!



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