Lisi Harrison’s Best Friends for Never


             I am a lover of Lisi Harrison’s The Clique novel series, and I just finished reading ‘Best Friends  for Never’ Like what I’m saying, it is a series and I’ve finished reading the other books. I don’t actually read them in series-order, like I read the fifth book first than the third one. I won’t reveal the titles just yet but I’m going to make reviews of those books at some other time.

So this is the second book of The Clique and as usual Massie Block, a seventh grader, rich girl, a true Alpha, and leader of the Pretty Committee is ready again for an Alpha comeback. Ready to take over the Octavian Country Day School (her school), ready to level up her Alpha Status, ready for the soccer boys, and ready for making Claire Lyons‘s life looks like a penitentiary.

As part of making her Alpha Status level up, she has to make something, to make her in the lead, and let the LBRs worship the goddess of OCD (LBR stands for Loser Beyond Repair) So she held a Boy-Girl Halloween Party, but before she could make that ploy possible, she has to make sure that her camaraderie-status with Claire Lyons would level up too (Claire Lyons is a new girl from Orlando and moved in to the Block’s estate, most likely to Massie’s Guesthouse. Their fathers are friends that’s why their paths’ crossed)

But that’s not easy, they’re both ah-bsolutely! different, ‘Kuh-laire’ is all about Keds, sours and gummies or anything sweet, and bangs, while Massie is all about, Prada, Chanel, BVLGRI, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, YSL, perfect and flawless hair, and Fat-frees. So, kuh-laire would have to strive in getting in to Massie’s fabulous-and-everything-of-best Life.

Massie always have brilliant beyond brilliant ideas, so she hoaxed Claire in a deal, which Claire didn’t knew that it was part of Massie’s stratagem. So there, clueless Claire conceded on Massie’s proposal.

They got Landon Dorsey, ‘Prafeshhhanal pahtee planna’ 🙂 (profeesional party planner :), awwnestly, when I wrote Lando, I remember the Landon, in Nicholas Sparks’s novel ‘A Walk To Remember’) and anyway, there, Landon planned the whole party, made Massie’s every wishes come true.

Guess, I’ll leave you all now with this, this is not a spoiler post, so read the entire Lisi Harrison book ‘Best Friends for Never’ and find out what happened to Massie’s Boy-Girl Party 🙂  Toooodles! 



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