Lisi Harrison’s Bratfest At Tiffany’s Review

Another Lisi Harrison book done  🙂 Lisi never failed to fascinate me with the Pretty Committee 🙂 This is the the ninth book of The Clique series and I’m so glad I finished it in no time. That’s why I’m here again to spill some review of the book 🙂 

The Briarwood Boys have invaded the Octavian Country Day School, Massie’s domain, and are taking everything. Massie’s Alpha status is in serious jeopardy, and the whole Pretty Committee. So Massie lays out a New Pretty Committee (NPC) and declares a Boyfast which means, there will be NO boys! Anyone caught, flirting, talking, dating, or even just having a crush will be kicked out of theNPC. 

It was their first day in eighth-grade, and are so ready to spread the New Pretty Committee disease in BOCD (Briarwood-Octavian Country Day School) but things have and Massie didn’t want that change. The fabulous aromatic Cafe Massie Block has engineered is gone, and turned into a tak-eeee Green Cafe, no more Lattes, and no more table 18 (Pretty Committee’s Table) It’s all about fresh, and green now.

An assembly is being held and Pretty Committee is well-known for making an entrance, confidence, precision, and their A+++ style is always a fact, but when they made an entrance nobody seems to remember the Alphas. Failed! Massie can’t believe herself, is she really out now? and the Briarwood Boys did really have taken the Alpha status now? Her questions were answered immediately, when the Briarwood Boys took their attention, Strawberry and Kori is with their ex-crushes, and Claire saw the worst, she saw Olivia Ryan  on his ex-love’s lap Cam Fisher. 

Since the entire Briarwood Boys moved to OCD, the entire school faced a serious predicament, and that’s the overflow students, which put the NPC in serious trouble…………….They were transferred in the overflow trailers, and that is Alicia’s fault.

Alicia Rivera got kicked out of the NPC for betraying them, and surely choosing Josh Hotz ruined her and her relationship with the NPC.

Massie Block, called Dylan Marvil‘s mum’s assistant Effie for help, they need another scheme, to put things back to where they really belong, and their Alpha status.  Effie let them sketch and contemplate their ideas to put into the trailer. They need to make the others have and want what they have, they need to have them wants to be around them and please for them, they need to have ‘It’

A marvelous make-over had done by Effie, all of NPC’s ideas were amazingly put together on the overflow trailer, the trailer is completely transformed, the overflow trailer is now a jewelry box, which every LBR  have admired and wants to be in ‘It’ Until, the Pimp My Locker was held, students will design their lockers, and as a reward, the winners will stay in the ‘Jewelry box-trailer’ for the whole semester, and that became the key, for turning back things around 🙂 and also the end of the boyfast , How? 🙂 Well, it’ll be better if you’ll grab the book and read the entire story 🙂 It’s really exciting……. tooodles! 



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