The most wonderful creation of God

I’m still in front of the laptop, with my untouched coffee, thinking of something to write, as I hear the slurping sound of the egg noodle soup I made for breakfast, as they sip a spoonful of soup in their mouths.

My brother’s off to go to school, while my man is reviewing his thesis for an oral defense later. I honestly miss how to become busy again. Become engaged with plethora of paper works, got my brain drained for a group work, or just with my homework, and I miss how it is to become tired. Because the plethora of papers I am now getting myself into is, a number of pages I turn in a book, a number of papers I toss about to start over my writing, and now the only reason I got to become tired, is the sleepless nights I have spent to read some articles and play some sort of games in a social site. And speaking of games, I enjoyed myself last night in this certain app.

Last night, my 7month-old cousin slept here (his second night staying here) and I feel so elate whenever I saw him, sleeping and his mouth slightly open, as if he’s gone tired playing and fiddling all through the day. I went to lie by his side, and stare at him, he suddenly made those adorable indistinct sounds, as if his talking to someone in his dreams (probably his guardian angel) and I felt happy, for hearing such thing, then he smiled. And all I can say is ‘He is so adorable’ and then I went back in front of the laptop and get on with my business. At half passed one, I went back to his side, lie again and touched him; he’s all curled up or more likely in a fetal position, and I touched his little butt, then stroke his back down to his butt again, and did it for how many times. It felt really great stroking the baby that way, and I can’t explain how elated I felt at that moment, and then it gave me a cue to hug that little boy, and I thought of how certainly great God is for creating such a wonderful baby. Then at nearly 3.30 AM, he cried and woke up, I carried him, and cradle him to get him back to sleep, he was on the verge of sleeping again, when his father called out from the window, and got him to their house, I bet he’s sleeping again by now, and I can’t wait to see that vibrant face again in the morning.

So, now it’s already 5.39 in the morning, and I haven’t hit the sack, I’m always like this, I can’t remember when was the last time I had a decent slumber. So, that’s all for now, have a pleasant day for everyone. Toodles!

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