The Perks Of Being A Wallflower; I feel infinite

I’m almost done with my current read right now, ‘ThePerks Of Being A Wallflower‘ and this time I already want to say that the book is really really great! I’m not exaggerating (just like what Charlie keeps saying :)) and I actually admire the characters, when I read, I think of the characters in the movie, I haven’t seen the movie, but I know who the characters were, and I imagine them delivering the lines in the book. However, I found myself connected with the book, even if I’m still on the second part, I find myself in rapport with Charlie, maybe because I’m also a Wallflower? (I like how it sounds, Wallflower, me, a Wallflower) well, in some ways.

So, there, I listened to the playlist he made for Patrick’s mixtape, and what I love the most in that playlist are, Smells like teen spirit, MLK, Landslide, Scarborough Fair, Dear Prudence, Time of No Reply, and Blackbird. Well, I guess that’s almost everything 🙂 every song are just so peaceful and palliating. I feel elated, and I feel like everything bad that happened to me just vanished, even just for minutes of hearing a song out of that playlist. Charlie, did something good, and that’s making me feel good.

Now, I’ll finish the book and hope to see more playlist 🙂 ha ha! and I hope some time in my life, I would meet a real Charlie. Ciao!

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