Thoughts Again

It’s nice to be back. I’ve been waiting for how many days to have my laptop back and do something. So, how are you guys? Having fun yet? Actually we’re celebrating Holy Week right now, so having fun is out of the question. Activities for this week? Hmmmmm… So far, so good. Earlier this morning, we went to the church to attend the Station of the Cross, while yesterday, we went to attend the mass ‘The Washing of the Feet’ I actually didn’t pay that much attention with the priest’s homily, though, I know exactly what’s the mass all about. I was so very lethargic yesterday, lack of sleep, certainly.

Tomorrow, we’ll be going for a swim at a resort just near our house as an advance celebration for my mother’s birthday, which is on the 31st of March. I am looking forward for tomorrow’s activity. We actually thought of going in the countryside for a change, but then it’ll be such a pester, since it’s Holy Week and many people will be traveling, so much fuss, and it’ll be tiresome for us, so the nearer, the better. My cousins are just so excited about the idea, I even saw them the other day, blowing up my baby cousin’s floater, it’s so cute actually, and it’s just so nice to see them so happy and exhilarated like that. And this evening, I saw their mommy already packing up their stuffs, and I saw mom prepared already some desserts for tomorrow, and I’ll do the packing tomorrow.

Aside from these things, one thing more that I am looking forward with is about this idea I have since yesterday, I want to practice my writing, so I thought of making short stories, until I got the story where  could make chapters, until the short story became a novel. Thoughts, can be really mean sometimes you know? I lack discipline and I know that it’ll be hard for me to put this things to action, I am engaged with other things, and I sometimes do those things more often than to write or read. So these ideas mean a lot  of necessary effort to accomplish what I want, and I am ready for the challenge!

Anyway, I’ve started some short stories but I wasn’t able to finish it, so then maybe I could reread some and continue some of those, it’ll be a lot easier for a start, then when I’m on my next, it’ll be easy for  me to start another. And I am hoping for a NO-DISTRACTION-PLEASE-DAY, It’s all that I need. I mean, the vital need. So there, I got to keep my hopes up and sooner, I know, this things will happened in such an ease. Good Night! Ciao!

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