The Midnight Thoughts

Luckily I’m able to hold my laptop right now, and swear I got a lot of things in mind that I want to share with you…………………………… But the problem is, I kinda forgot about it, well, not everything.

So today, I did a lot of things, organize things, clean the house, my bed, and arrange my things. You know how I hate chores, but yesterday, I seem to need to suck it all up, and do everything. So here, I got a question, is it okay to apologize to someone who rubbed salt in my wound? Though, I also added insult to injury……. It’s easy for me to say my apologies, ‘EAT A HUMBLE PIE’ as they say, but I guess, for a person like me who is always in doubt, and always second guessing, I guess, the humble pie. would be the biggest pie, that is hard to swallow. Am I making sense here? Do you understand me? Whoever’s reading this? Anyone?

I just can’t spill everything in here, it’s a bit of confidential and I don’t want to have criticisms in here, not in my domain. So I guess I’ll just leave the idea here obscure, then maybe if I got the moxie, I could tell all about it here. I just want to say that she doesn’t know the whole story, and the facet of the truth so why judge me? Why utter offensive things about me? I just hope we could have a good talk, and I’m more hopeful, I could gather up all the courage and do the first move……….

Okay, on the other half, I’m able to finish the book ‘Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ and I’m just so ecstatic that I finally done it. The ending is kind of elusive and I feel like it’s incomplete, or maybe I was looking for more, because I thought it’s an open ending. Though, I love every bit of the book, the words are just affecting and characters were used amazingly. It’s just sad that Sam and Charlie didn’t have sex 😛 ha ha! So now, I’m on the next book, which is ‘One day in May’ Will write about it in the morrow, I guess, just to make an overview about it, but for now I need to hit the sack before my mom could caught me still awake, because I just sneaked on with my laptop 😛 Good Night good people!! Stay good! 😛 😀 Ciao! 



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