Strike While the Iron’s Hot

I’ve been M.I.A. for the past few weeks, due to I can’t get my hands on my laptop, either my siblings or my mom has it, and me all left with just my phone and my books, depending on to what I am reading, I can’t also find a decent time to read or write, and no considerable place for me as a nook. And when I got my laptop, I am timed by my mom, time is really limited. And I am so annoyed. So now I took the liberty to blog, for my mom’s taking a forty winks, and no one’s using my laptop, so it’s all mine. For now.

Anyway, I got myself now reading The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer; My life at Rose Red and it’s still unfinished, but I am working on it. One thing that I am planning for is Video Blogging I want to try something new, since I am not so keen with videotaping myself while speaking, spilling my sentiments, sharing my thoughts and more. Hence, I’m anxious about what people would think about me doing that thing, especially that it’s new to me and also new for them to see me in front of their monitor screen, I wonder what would they think about me speaking or singing, because I’ve planned already what I’m going to do and what would be the flow of my Vlog. But I still need other things to operate my Vlog and I still need to learn other vitals regarding with videoblogging, as well as I need a place too to shoot an entry, though I already have something in my mind, but I still have to test it. I have a schedule to when I am going to test everything. 

So what’s up for the past few days? Well, last Saturday, my dog died 😦 sad news it is, and he died because of Pneumonia, until now we couldn’t still believe ourselves that he’s dead, I felt terribly sad, especially my boyfriend, who cried for two days, and until now he’s still rueful about what happened. And yesterday, we went to the mall with my siblings, aunt, and boyfriend. We had fun playing at the Timezone and ate Ice cream at Dairy Queen, mine is Strawberry 🙂 (as usual) 

I still have fun though, even though I couldn’t blog consecutively, cant even open my facebook, and other social sites. So that’s all for today 🙂 have a good day! Ciao 



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