Days With My Uncle

I don’t know what its purpose, and why it has to happen.

I don’t understand why people have to experience unpleasant things, be in a horrible situation, and be treated horribly by other people. I feel really sad about those people, not sad because they’re pathetic, but sad because maybe, I’m treated that way too. Well, sometimes.

I’ve been very watchful with my uncle these days, no, he’s not a bad guy, nor will he do something bad to us. He’s been visiting us for how many days now, he eats here, and tells stories for how many times, asks our name each time he’ll come here. He also calls my mom, madam, boss, and sis, even my dad, he calls him boss, and again asks questions he already asked for the hundredth time, and you know, sometimes I see him talking to himself. Yes, my uncle’s crazy, but the thing is he still knows my mom, and other people, he remembers where he was last employed, he’s previous job, his bank account, and his money. He always tells us his routine every day, he said that he goes to work and then home and then work again, he also gave my mom a receipt from a bank which he had an account and savings, he even gave my mom a receipt from the bank with his signature and an amount of Ten Thousand pesos, and the other day he mentioned that he’ll withdraw money from the bank to give to my mom, and wants us to use it for a cab and dine to a restaurant. And he talks to himself too, yes, my uncle’s crazy.

My mom feels sad whenever he’s done telling those things, she always said that if only we’re rich, he’ll take my uncle to live with us so she could take care of him, and take him to the rehabilitation. Mom feels rueful about my uncle’s situation, and that no one in their family seems to care about him, because if they do, their brother wouldn’t be in that situation, and wouldn’t be crazy, as what he is right now.

I asked my mom why he keeps saying the same things so many times, and she said, those things are what she remembered from what have happened to him before, then that explained why he always got the amount of Ten Thousand in his mind, that money was his savings, when he still have a job, and that money was taken by their sister, and she never returned it.

My uncle was a drug addict he had done such things because he was neglected before, and everyone’s a snob when it comes to him, he was sent to the rehabilitation and got medications for his addiction, and he went fine, after several months, he was sent again to the rehab, and when he came out of the asylum he was beaten by their uncles, they beat him using woods, and I don’t know the whole story, but I believe that my uncle didn’t do anything bad to them, my uncle’s never a sinister, nor vile to anyone. Let’s just say that my relatives are somewhat different, and they don’t understand some things that need to be tremendously comprehended. My uncle’s a gay, yes, a man wearing lipstick, high heels, and wears bra ‘because he wishes to have boobs, that’s why they got the guts to beat him like that, because they know, my uncle won’t fight back. And now he became crazy.

Then I realized how my uncle went through different circumstances in his life, and here he is right now, somehow clueless of things, became thin, because he barely eats, well, because no one bothered to give him food, burnt skin, from walking to places he only remembers, and because he don’t have money to afford the fair, he has to walk no matter how far the place he will be going. And now here he is, coming to our home to eat and borrow money from my mom, and again, give receipt to my mom with his signature and an amount of Ten Thousand Pesos. I remember when I always see him, and he doesn’t recognize me, he just walk pass by without looking at me, and even if he saw me, he’ll just look at me and still walk.

I am still thankful that he still knows my mom, and now he remembers us, I wish that he will become better now, and that I hope someone will help us get him in the rehabilitation again, and I hope my mom will get lucky with her work so she could help my uncle, because when I graduated, I will certainly help him. But for now, I just wish that no one will hurt him, and that I hope people who are sane, and more capable of understanding, would understand more and consider people who have mental disorder, and won’t tease them. Because earlier today, I saw and I heard my aunts (from my father’s side) mocking my uncle for calling my mom boss and madam, and they’re making fun of him, laughing at him when my uncle went out of the house. And I remained quiet, I told this to my mom and she only told me to let them be, because they’re only proving that they are crazier, puny, and nincompoop, for mocking a person who has a disorder.

So, there my barrel is spilled, I’ve said enough, and I’m hoping for my uncle’s progress. So, Good night good people! And stay GOOD! 🙂 Ciao!


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