Doormats VS. Steamrollers

Teasing, bullying, naming people, bad words, demeaning and criticizing. These are the major bummers especially with all the young adults throughout, these are merely the cause of teenagers to lose their esteems. I’m so proud that I was one of those teenagers being degraded and criticized. I’m proud to call myself a Doormat. 

Doormats, this is the term used to refer about people who are suffering with such illegitimate acts, these are the people being jeopardized and hurt verbally or non-verbal. They are called and compared to doormats not because they’re filthy, (just like the one you have on your doorstep  kidding) but because no matter how hard you step on them, no matter how bad you hurt them, they are remained discreet and composed. I believe, that a doormat never loses, never loses any dignity, because they do no harm they’re no likely with parasites. I got myself so proud being a doormat, I’ve been a doormat ever since I was a child, I have had heard different rebukes from the people around me and it’s only my parents who stood for me. 

So, steamrollers  these are my favorite people. These people are the ones who get the doormats mess up, these are the antagonists. Steamrollers refers to people who are bullies, who works in a statistics office because they love to give name to other people, these people are the “DICK”tionaries because they love to utter horrendous and stupid words unto others. In short, steamrollers are the losers.      

Steamrollers seem to have the digging of totally absurd and barbaric stuffs. As of what I have read, a steamrollers merely hurt someone because they are too scared to deal with rejections, they are doing such thing because it is their only way of showing that no one can beat them, and that they feel they’re way cool when the others see they have beaten someone. Steamrollers are those who seek for attention in a very wrong approach. They hurt somebody else just to make themselves feel good. Mean people. Facing attitude crisis. Good at being surreptitious with their identity. 

     Though we all don’t know each and everyone’s stories especially the steamrollers’ cases, in whatever angle we may look, what they’re doing is wrong, indeed. We have to respect people around us, in that we can also gain others’ respect. I write this because I’m overtly rueful seeing people being hurt by someone, admit it, it’s all over the place, the hurting? it’s worth the writing. I can’t bear to see barbaric acts.

 * Steamrollers and doormats are terms I’ve seen in some book I’ve read. 

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