So Annoying, what?

I feel really pissed off today, okay not really vexed, just not in the mood. 

I don’t know why and I don’t know how I got into this sort of feeling, and I feel like I am really annoyed with everything and everybody near me. I don’t want to get asked or summon, nor being with talked with. I really don’t like this sort of feeling, it obstructs from doing things properly, I get distracted and I feel horrendous about everything, I don’t want to talk to anybody that’s why I came here to talk it out, I started to write earlier and words are kind of hard to dig out. I just want to ask something, how will I get rid of that sort of attitude? 

Anyway, I am not really in the mood of writing , maybe I’ll continue writing later, with a different topic. Good luck for me in looking for inspiration. Ciao!

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