A Day With A Cold Chocolate Drink

It’s really hot!

It’s summer, yes, and I can feel it everyday because the sun is such a scorcher, and I sweat even in a tad movement, which made me more irritated. I got allergies already, I’m allergic with sweat and heat. These made me stop to do things because even in a tad movement, I sweat and my skin gets so itchy, and it actually hurts. Well anyway, this will end and I hope sooner!

I get to start a new book now, which is Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. 

I started reading it last night, when the electricity went back on again (We lost electricity for more than an hour and I can’t sleep, when it went back on again, I tried to get my sleep, but I can’t yet, so I started reading) everything’s so catchy and intriguing, that I couldn’t afford to stop reading and miss the momentum, and I became flustered, is this book a scary one?  and this will be answered if I read the book further 🙂 I actually skipped other books that I started reading, because I got so excited reading this goody 🙂 ‘another dope that I can’t wait to get high with, another stash for my goodreads. 🙂 I’m so glad I got my laptop right now, because we all know that I’ve been M.I.A for the last couple of days, and it’s nice that I am able to ditch some thoughts out.

We’re supposed to be at the beach right now, but unfortunately, my mum repudiated it because of a false alarm, we all thought that today will be my brother’s soccer game, but my brother took it back, he said that it’s not today, and it’s too late, so instead of enjoying the day having a good swim, making sandcastles, and scaring myself that corals are going to eat my feet (I am actually scared of stepping on stones underwater, also with corals, and seaweeds, because I always thought that they are going to grab my foot and pull me down, and worse EAT me) that’s why I only swim on part of the water where there’s only sand under me. But there’s nothing any of those things right now because I am sitting  on my bed, and having a nice cold cup of chocolate drink and forgetting about how hot it is.

So guys, I hope you’re not having a hot day, ‘coz it’s the worst! Hope you’re having a good one! Ciao



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