A Sudden Hit

Yep, I am already done with Ransom Rigss’s book, and it is indeed a tremendous creation, when I was halfway of finishing it, a sudden thought came to interrupt me, calling me to take a break and ditch this thought out of my mind. This thought is about some kind of realization and this is how it goes;

“People are different in every term, things may have concurrences with another, but comparing is never an option. A word would not change something you dislike, but appreciation and acceptance are things that could change your point of view, so need not to put up criticisms or rebukes, because no one is qualified to cast the first stone”.

Did I make sense?  He he! Hope I did, and I hope you understood what I’m trying to say. And if you’re going to ask how I came with something like this, it’s because of a friend of mine.

I realized that no one could ever change someone to a person that pleases you, and whom you will like, but inspiring someone to change is one great thing, and you’re lucky if you have changed someone into something good. And that is all a product of understanding and appreciation, if you accepted someone for he was; you’re also freeing your heart from disappointment and resentment. But admit it, it’s really hard to understand someone you don’t like, it’s like swallowing a food you never liked, just imagine how hard it is being compelled. But sometimes when you tried to swallow that food and give it a shot, it sometimes turns out to be the most delicious food you ever tasted, and the n it will become one of your favorites. And this precisely worked on me.

Some of you will think that it’s easy to say but hard to do, but I swear to you, once you done this, you don’t just free you heart from hatred, but also make someone feel good about himself, that he has friends, and there’s someone who understands. And with that, you will feel a light in the heart.

So there you go guys, hope you like this! And Have a good day! Ciao



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