Fortunately and enthusiastically, I’ve finished reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children yesterday, and you know what I thought? I wish I am also a peculiar child.  I wish I am a combination of Emma Bloom, and Olive, with a tad influence of Brownwyn’s strength and Millard’s invisibility. Well, these all sounds impossible though, ‘cause these all means great power, however, I already thought of that everybody really has peculiarity, and in a way we don’t notice it, and now I wonder what my peculiarity.

Okay, let’s not put this entry into lots of confusing questions.

The book is tremendous! And I think it is one of a remarkable and adventurous piece I’ve ever read. Looks maybe deceiving, the cover could really give you the creeps as well as the first part of it, at first I thought it is some kind of a scary book (I am not so fond of scary books, though I got exceptions) and it didn’t fail to spook my nerves out! But the further I got through the book, I realized that it wasn’t  it is indulgently good, every events are so catchy, and that you can’t surely wait to read the next chapter, in that I didn’t have the guts to put the book down, the vintage pictures are so effective in giving more emphasis with every events, and they’re all spookily beautiful, the pictures worked well with the book!

I love Emma and Jacob together, when I was in the part where they kissed while in the water, I felt the passion in their kisses, the warmth of their lips pressing together; they’re just so perfect.

I read the back cover of the book , and there’s a tad intro about Ransom Riggs, and I was so fascinated that this book is his first novel, I mean who would’ve thought that this ever great book is someone’s first ever creation. He’s great, and he made a great product either. And I am certainly looking forward for his next releases. And oh! By the way, I’d like you to meet my Miss Peregrine Image

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