Love At All Means

Relationships have ups and downs, there’s sweetness and there’s tad bitterness, and there’s two hearts that could break, but there’s the two souls that keeps the faith, and keeps two people together. L-O-V-E this is the most uncontrollable, perilous (in a positive way) element your life will ever encounter, ‘You’ll do anything for love’ and if you’re a puppet of love then that’s a great opportunity, YOU ARE VERY FORTUNATE! For not everybody’s bestowed with the gift of love.

There is so manubmeanings of love, however, love is the most difficult word to define, and love came from different places. There’s the love from your parents, grandparents, love from your siblings, friends, sons and daughters, pet, teachers, and mostly the love from a partner. But you can never doubt about the love of GOD, that is very certain, and unconditional, you can never put a rate with this kind of love 🙂

Never throw a good relationship away, you can never tell if you’re with the right person, because the only thing that could tell you that you have a successful relationship is when you learned to appreciate and accept the person you are with right now. People do have doubts with the person they are with, and it always starts with what ifs, like what if this person’s a cheat, what if this person is a burglar, what if this person doesn’t love me back? These things pop up at first, and then they’ll experience heartaches, and heartbreaks, and sometimes couples part their ways, because sometimes you’ll have to be away from things to know their worth, their role in your life, and when they still end up being with you, then kudos! It means you deserve it, and God did some things for you to learn and realize that you’ll have to take care of what you have right now.

Sometimes God is the author of people’s book, he’ll have to put situations, he’ll have to put circumstances to make them realize things, to teach them to think, learn, and act. He sometimes needs to let something bad to happened, because we need to learn, and tolerate the pain, so that when another needle of pain came to prick your heart, you’ll be able to put the thimble, and shield yourself from the pain, and then it’ll be bearable for you, even though, it’s almost making you immensely impaired, but as you know authors never lets you have a bad ending, he’ll always let someone come to rescue you, and give you a happy ever after, that every princesses and princes deserve.

You know, authors have to put some thrill, spice, and sense in your life, so you won’t get bored, and so your life won’t become a tasteless, droning, plain corn soup, you can see a corn, but no taste at all. And that’s what some people can’t understand. And they just tend to give up, well that’s another part, sometimes the characters decide to make their own stories, and make their own endings. And that’s okay, as long as you’re on the right track, the author won’t get mad at you and delete your manuscript, but what they’re going to do is kill you off because you’re being a stubborn character 😛 haha! Just kidding (Smile)Everyone deserves an amazing ending, no matter how hard your struggles were, just always remember that terrible things have their ways to vanish 🙂

That’s why even if you got a bad ass cheating partner, you’ll never know what’s going to happened next, and you don’t know who would come and put an end to your pain, so just stay positive. Because things happen for a reason, you might don’t know the reason now, but some day, somehow, it will just pop out into your face and make a sense out of those things.

Love the people around you, love your partner truthfully, and unconditionally, love your family dearly, and love God faithfully, and eternally. And it will all come back to you in a way you wouldn’t expect

Your life may be in between the devil and the deep blue sea right now, but the author is always there to make you happy as Larry, and make you feel like you’re on a cloud nine 🙂



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