I got a sixty-four-thousand-dollar question, when will I ever get myself disciplined? It seems that whenever I plan to do something daily, it only works for a very short period, and sometimes I don’t do something about it all. Things like starting my short story (sorry guys, I’ve been planning to do this for so long time ago and it just don’t happened) Read and finish a book (I am so trying to start and finish a book everyday, yes I could start it but I could finish it about for how many days, more or less 3-4 days) Write a blog (You know well how bad I am with keeping my blog up to date) Write my journal ( I planned that I’d be writing in my journal everyday or just consume a page or two with my writing) I could start doing this things but they don’t turn up so well, I could only done those things for like 2-3 days, or worse 2 days flat!

It’s just so terrible that I can’t say BISH-BASH-BOSH at something, I can’t finish an endeavor at drop of the hat.

There are things that I usually do, and I could consider as my usual bustle, like read a book, lie on bed, and go in the internet (and sometimes play applications) I always try to write an entry but I always get distracted with social sites. Sometimes when I’m just in my bed, I listen to my playlist but only listens to one song, and sometimes eat or drink (no, not liquor, just coffee, choco, or cereal drink) I just can’t finish a work at an eleventh hour.

Sometimes when I go online, I always end up watching videos, like doing nail arts, I did some of the nail arts designs, and it’s leopard and the newspaper, which is great, I am not so fond of doing my nails but now. And if I’m done with the videos, I listens and search for old musics, I suddenly got keen with old music these days, and I got interested, I mean my favorite now is ‘Come on Eileen’ by Dexys Midnight Runners. The sound is just so good, and it’s a soundtrack from ‘Perks of being a wallflower’ (Homecoming dance scene) and I always forgot to put it in my phone. I also watch movies sometimes, old movies I suppose, like Pride and Prejudice, or Becoming Jane.

Right now, what I’m actually doing, is writing this, taking the liberty to finish everything in my laptop because when my mum’s awake she’ll be getting this to check her email. And also remembering what I was planning to write couple of days ago, and I can’t remember now, but I’m taking a hint, but I just can’t squeeze it out. Also, I would be reading the next book on my list which is Nanny Diaries.

I hope I’ll finish things today, and never left something out.



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