Mistakes are not bound to be with YOU

Your mistakes from the past always have its way of coming back and of hunting you down, it will in every way it could possibly do, just to prick you with the needles of resentment, forlorn, and guilt from the past. It’ll always put an aim on your weak points until you breakdown and declare for cease fire. Well, unfortunately, I am also a victim of the ominous past, and I think everybody is. So how did I cope with it? How did I ditch the uneasy and unpleasant feeling brought by it? Well, there are ways.


First of all, your past won’t be ominous if you didn’t do anything, so if someone asks you what’s wrong, and you asked for help, tell EVERYTHING! Tell a good friend about it, and don’t be afraid to talk. Don’t think twice of telling everything, no matter how horrible your mistakes were, because that will set you free, and actually, there’s nothing you can do about it but to ADMIT that you did something horrendous, because as long as you keep being surreptitious with what you did, your conscience won’t set you free. Just like putting more stacks of books in your backpack when it’s already full and you can’t carry it anymore. So you’re left with no choice but to accept that you’re not that robust to carry a hefty bag, and just hoist the books out.

Learn From It

Yes, you’ve admitted it, so now it’s your cue to learn from it. Take every experiences and your mistakes as lessons, warn yourself about doing it once again. You can never hope for different things to happen if you keep doing the same thing, as well as you neither can hope for a light and free heart if you keep on doing the same mistakes, you won’t grow. But if by accident and something happened, don’t be afraid of it, instead face it, and think of the right thing to ditch it right away. Mistakes are there for us to learn, they’re like the most terror mentors we’ll ever encounter. And that’ll make us rational enough.

Look Back but Never Reside

Looking back is not illegal, there’s nothing wrong about it, because sometimes it’s good, because probably your mistakes are the reason of what you are right now. And looking back to it is one good way for you to reflect, and finally say ‘That you’ve learned and you’re not that one stupid person anymore’ look back only. Don’t RESIDE, you can’t tell yourself that you’ve finally moved on when you reside, it’s not healthy! It’ll just make you more depressed, and you won’t surpass the process of moving on and forgetting. So DON’T RESIDE!

Yes, you did all of these things, but the most important thing to do after everything, well, even during such hard times, SMILING is a very effective way to overcome things, because smiling will help you feel good even in the worst of times. Don’t forget to Laugh & Smile, enjoy the remaining good things around you, and be grateful that there’s still good things left, and you’re not bound to be with the worst things. Because God is really good, and he won’t leave your side during the tough circumstances, so SMILE!

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