Just an update

Just an update.

I have this strategy whenever I’m trying to finish a serious book, it’s to read another book but in different genre.  Before finishing  the entire book of Echoes, I finished first the book Angus, thongs, and full-frontal snogging.

This is certainly a hilarious book, it’s a fun book, and it really perked me up. So now, I’m on the move in finishing Echoes by Danielle Steel.


Not only finishing the book of Danielle Steel that I am up to, this time, I am up to three things, 1) Make a 25 Day Blog Challenge and luckily, I already came up with the topics I am going to blog wit,h thanks to other bloggers who inspired me to make something like it. 2) Start a short story which I already started days ago, but I wasn’t able to continue for I got few plights with my laptop, I got my laptop re-formatted and I lost everything! including the drafts I made, and the “character scheme”, terrible loss it is. 3) Get a Job!  This one is a double major, I promised my mum that I’ll find a job and I’ll help with everything in the house, also with my sister’s school fees. As of  now I have nothing to update with the “Job seeking thing” though I already have something planned, hopefully this week I’d be able to have myself officially set foot in a company. So, wish me the best of luck guys.


I hope the boss and co-workers don’t eat newbies!



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