25 Day Blogging Challenge

25 Day Blog Challenge; Day 1, Introduction.


This is my first time to make something like this, I found other bloggers doing something like it and what I thought was, that it’s kind of difficult, I don’t know exactly why I thought about it, but maybe because it give me pressure seeing a lot of things to finish, meeting a deadline (when you obliged yourself to post it in a certain time) or whatever (I hate deadlines) though it challenges me.

So now, I came up with some things to write about , some things I could do with the lot of my spare time (because I do have a lot of spare time) not until I got a job already, do you ever think how droning it is, not doing anything? But miraculously I can survive with it.

The Challenge: 25 Day Blog Challenge, and say to myself that I finished something I started and if I didn’t…….. I am ready to have my laptop screwed and never to eat an ice-cream.

The Contender: Ann Garcia, a professional slacker, netizen, a blogger, and sweets murderer. She has signed on for an unusual assignment.
How far would it go? No one can say.


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