25 Day Blogging Challenge

25 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 2: 20 Facts About Me (Part 1)


Am I normal? Seriously? Because I don’t feel like I am.
Anyway, I’m really working hard about my blog challenge (Working hard is NEW) so I planned things that I’m going to write and voila! Onto my second blog challenge!
20 FACTS about me:
To tell you honestly I really had quite a hard time digging out some facts about me, not that I don’t know myself, but because there are some times that I get confuse with people telling me what I am based on what they see with me, but actually tells a different story behind it (Hope you’re getting my point here) So anyway, here’s to start this post.

1.) I have a humongous sweet tooth. I love sweets! Sweets perk me and make me feel good, in whatever way, sweets give me this comforting feeling and that I could every thing bad that’s happening or just happened. 2.) I love CLASSICS. If only I could loop and go back to time when Marie Antoinette is still alive I really would, or even not Marie Antoinette, even older, like during Shakespeare’s time, time when I could still wear corset under a massive, lacy gown (I love those things!) I really would. If only I have a time machine. 3.) Foodie. I love to eat, believe or not, I love eating, and I love to learn how to cook. I already know how to cook, the thing is I want to learn more recipe, I want to learn how to bake, and make pizza of my own, so we (boyfriend & I) won’t have to go to restaurants just to get our best-loved foods (Pasta & Pizza) 4.) Bookworm. This one’s pretty obvious to people, I love to read, I love to spend my time reading books. Sometimes I could finish a book in a day if there’s no distraction. 5.) Aspiring Writer. Writing has been a part of me, I love to talk, and confide my feelings with a pen and paper, in that way I don’t have to pretend with what I’m feeling, and what’s on mind. I have a lot of notebooks, different sizes and different styles, different purposes. And that’s where I keep half of myself. because I don’t rely on people around me, I don’t want to get judged. I am fed up with that .
6.) Pumps, stilettos, wedge, litas, ballet flats, and boots, Yes! I love SHOES! I am very keen with shoes, the smell of the newly purchased shoes, the smooth, crisp feeling of the leather gives me happiness. I am not a shoe addict, but I L.O.V.E them! Shoe stores are heaven to me. 7.) No one really knows about this one, except those who’re close to me, and knows me really well, I am a very warmhearted lass I have this so called “My tears are shallow” thing, I get easily touched and affected at a certain thing, take for example, a kid begging for alms in the street, kids who sell flowers in order to live, for their families to survive the hard life they’re having, or those old ladies and men who were abandoned by their families and now the street is their only home. There is one time when we’re having this program in Values Education we we’re at the audio-visual room, and when the activities ended, they showed a VTR showing the poor kids in the world who’re facing things that a normal kid shouldn’t be having at that age. There we’re kids who got killed by the war, or their parents who died because of the war, children who were starving, living in the streets, limped body, and small, children who were thin because they’ve got nothing to eat nor drink. Children who were physically, emotionally, and mentally abused by people, and children who were buried alive because his family can’t afford the price of living, and got nothing to feed an extra mouth in the family. And then, I went out of the audio-visual room, wet faced, tears streaming down my cheek and speechless. I hope I could help those kids. Hope I’ll have the power. 8.) People see me as a tough person, I remember the time when my cousin told me that she envy me, because I am tough. Well, there are things to be tough with, but the thing is, I am EMOTIONALLY WEAK. I get hurt easily, when you said something not good, it’ll hurt me, your words and actions mean to me, and I get hurt easily. That’s the point. 9.) I love to stay indoors not that I hate outdoors, but I really prefer staying indoors, but when going to mall, eating out, watching movies, and shopping are involved, those are certain exceptions. Also when going out of town and do things that are really different with the things I’m used with. I love going out of towns. 10.) Vintage! Vintage! I am really keen with vintage things, whatever that’s considered vintage. There’s no way I’ll let it slip! 🙂
——— to be continued ——–

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