25 Day Blogging Challenge

25 Day Blog Challenge; 20 Facts About You (Part II)

ImageI’m back! I’ve been out of wordpress for a couple of days, and that’s because I’ve been feeling very ill, I feel nauseous and dizzy. I don’t know where all these horrible things came from, hence, I had to take a break with everything. But I’m back right now, which is good.

So here’s the second part of my blog challenge “20 Facts About You.”

11.) Movies, there are some people that are not so keen about movies, and I’m glad I’m different. I love movies, movies that are under comedy, drama, writing, classic, and romance. I also love movies that are based on true events, and historic. Just like Anne Frank for example. 12.) When I said No, that means NO! I am this kind of person that when I said ‘NO’ to something, I certainly mean it, and that’s what they’re mad with, they can’t convince me to change my mind, no matter what they say (But well, I take exceptions) Well, you know I just can’t change my mind into something I really don’t like. I can’t force myself to do something I really don’t want to do. 13.) “Professional Procrastinator” Well everyone knows about it, they do, I mean that’s something that is really obvious. I always find myself stopping, procrastinating, repudiating whatever I am busy with, I am like that all the time. That’s why my works are always screaming at me and gesticulating me to finish them. Well, I will baby, just let me finish my business with procrastination πŸ™‚ 14.) Oh I love music, I love to sing, but mostly, I love to DANCE. When you watch or when you’ve watched the movie Step-Up 3, the lead actor is asking his friends and dance mates, Why they dance? They got a lot of different answers. Some people don’t understand the gist of dancing, they just thought that it’s just some sort of a waste of time thing, but they’re wrong. And maybe I’ll discuss about my verdict about dancing, and why I love it. 15.) This one’s actually normal with girls and this one is one part that is quite annoying with being a girl, and that’s being MOODY and I am Moody, pretty much of a moody person I guess.

16.) IMPATIENT. I am not that good in waiting, I get bored easily. So I’m not really that patient. 17.) I love to make friends, I like to meet people, and so they say I am FRIENDLY. I love how it sounds, because some people see me as snooty, grouch, and snub, no, I don’t brush off people. I hate to make people feel that they’re worthless, and that they don’t any friend, because I hate that kind of feeling too. 18.) INSANE. They call me insane, crazy, fool, name it, just not stupid. Insane in good terms, that’s what I mean. I am a happy person. I struggle to be a happy person. 19.) Do I look like an owl? What about an owl? Because I am NOCTURNAL. I stay up late, I sleep during the morning, and then I’m awake at night. I;m used to it, but now. I’m working on being a normal person. And last but not least, 20.) I am someone that nobody could understand. If you understood me, then congratulations! You’re not one of those people. I could fathom that part, that people don’t always have the capability of understanding, and that they could only understand some part of you that are actually facile. Well, I pray, that they’d learn how to comprehend things further, and not just interpret what their eyes just saw..
So that’s it for tonight, hope you’ll like this second part of the blog challenge. Thank you for reading.


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