Two Good News & a bad???

I don’t know how I’m going to start this, I got two good news, and 1 bad news (I don’t know if it’s really bad, or I’m just being stupid) One, is I got accepted to this so called freelance writing job, this one’s good because that’s what I love to do, to write, however, I’m still on the screening process. I have to write a 500-word essay for a certain topic given, and submit it to them. And then they’ll evaluate whether I’m qualified or not. But there are a lot of processes so I’m taking chances and I have my hopes up with this. And if by a fortunate chance that I’ll officially have the job, I won’t have to spend hours in the office, instead, I could write at home, or to wherever I want to write. This thing is certainly a catch. 

Two, I was in my mood to check my phone (My phone’s always shut off because of low battery, and I’m so lazy to plug it) I just felt that maybe someone has texted me or whatever, and then an unfamiliar number appeared in my message box, and I saw this catchy message above, I opened it and in my surprise, it’s from the company where I submitted my resume and made an application with! I’m asked to have an interview at their company, they reviewed my resume and said that I am qualified! Yeyy! I’m just so happy and at the same time exhilarated. I’m scheduled this coming Tuesday, and I’m so nervous, this is going to be my first job interview. So help me God. If ever I’ll also get this job, I’ll have to jobs 🙂 the other one’s not that stressing so I’m positive that I could do it. 

Those are the two good news, and they’re certainly a terrific news, while the bad news is, Tuesday’s my unlucky day (I told you, I think I’m just being stupid) I don’t know, but I think it’s real. I read these books about my birthday, my zodiac sign, which is Sagittarius and I read that Tuesday is my ‘Bad luck’ day. Well, there sre things that’re happening to me every Tuesday, that’s why it kind of convince me, and that’s why I hate Tuesdays. Am I being stupid? For actually believing with this kind of thing? I just hope that nothing bad will happen during my interview (I’m positive that Gd won’t let anything bad to happened)

So, my agenda for this week is to write, write, and write more. That’ll serve as a practice for my writing, to refine my writing skills (ooooooh! Skills!) I love how it sounds.
Well, wish me the best of luck guys, and I hope the ‘Bad Luck’ day will prove me wrong.


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