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Don’t Hesitate

Have you ever felt like you don’t really know what you are? What you’re going to be? And if that you’re really worthy?

These are the most likely ‘self-asked’ questions by people who are really in doubt, who are dubious about their paths and life. These things are the reasons why people falter on something they want, and they can’t go on because of these question.

How many of you had trouble with whether to sprinkle salt on your steak? This simple situation actually really do happen, because there are people who hesitates whether to add or not. You ordered for a steak, you didn’t cooked it, so you’re not sure it’s tasteless, or if it’s just right, or if doesn’t satisfy your taste, and you wouldn’t want to make the steak to taste so salty. Because that would ruin you’re great night, for making your steak salty and unable to eat it.

The thing is, why not try it first, taste the steak, then decide whether you’ll add or not, that simple, because everything you’ll do is worth of trying (I hope I have a good example, I just want to make it simple)

Never limit yourself, if you know you can, then do it! Never hesitate and doubt that you can’t and you mustn’t. You can’t stop when you hasn’t started yet. Always know your worth, never allow people to drag you like you’re futile, don’t let anyone make you feel inferior, and let go of the things that make you belittle.

Wake up in the morning, and inhale all the positive vibes, feel that you’re lucky every time you wake up. Do the things that you want, but always remember that with everything you’ll do, a positive result will turn out, there’s always a negative. Try to fail, but never fail to try.

Because not every day you’re on the ground, someday you’ll wake up, and you’ll say this to someone, “I’ve been there, but look at me now, and you can too.”




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