25 Day Blogging Challenge

25 Day Blog Challenge; 10 songs I L.O.V.E (Day 5)


Hello guys! I’ve been very busy for the past few days, busy with the job -seeking thing. But right now I have myself to this whole thing and draft making, I started writing the other day, and yesterday I was able to continue everything. And that’s what I’m gonna be doing today.

So, I’m on the fifth on my 25 Blog Day Challenge ; 10 Songs I L.O.V.E

I’m a very keen on music, I love singing and I love listening to music, I mean who wouldn’t? 🙂 So now, I’ll be disclosing the songs that are so special to me.

#10 – Katherine Mcphee – Terrified I love this song because it makes me feel in love over and over again.

#9 Christina Perri – A thousand Years This song is so special to me aside from the fact that I am a bella-edward fan, and also because it always reminds me of how ardent my boyfriend’s love for me, and how profound we are of each other. This is so heart-warming and everything.

#8 Rihanna – Stay This song is very sentimental, and I love this because it is so sweet and so touching. I feel elated when I hear this song

#7  Sugababes – Ugly This one is very special to me, also sentimental, when I was a kid and even until now, I don’t understand people who keeps bashing on me, they always give rebukes, they always criticize and underestimate me. So I could relate to this song, I understand it and I feel good hearing it.

#6 Christina Aguilera – Beautiful I love this song for the same reason on number seven. I feel good and I feel beautiful when I hear this song. Plus, it’s a song from Christina Aguilera and I love Xtina

#5 Steps – The last thing on my mind This one’s very dear to me and I reminisce whenever I hear this, I usually dance to this song when I was a kid. This one’s a bit old and I feel like going back to my childhood.

#4 Amy Whinehoue – Valerie I love this song because of Amy Whinehouse, I love Amy Whinehouse, her songs are exquisite she’s remarkable, and sublime. I play this song and I’m gone in the real world.

#3  Amy Whinehouse – Rehab I love this song for the same reason in number three, it’s one of Amy Whinehouse and I love it.

#2  Stevie Wonder – Knocks Me Off My Feet  This one makes me in love 🙂 because this song is for me and my boyfriend 🙂

#1 Glee – We’ve got tonight So this one’s my best-loved song, this one’s from glee. I love glee very much and I find this song so romantic and sentimental. So many things happened with Rachel and Finn, but in the end, they’re still meant for each other. And that’s what I love about it, we’ve through so many circumstances but we’re still together 🙂

So I hope you guys like it, and I hope you’ll enjoy the songs. Good day!

xxxx, Ann

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