25 Day Blogging Challenge

25 Day Blog Challenge; Glory Days (Day 8)


‘Glory Days’

Every day, I hanker for more ‘Glory Days’ to come. When I was in grade school I’m always compared with my cousin, because people here always say that she’s the prettiest among us, her cousins, and also said that she’s the smartest. That’s what they say. And what do they say about me? Well, not the same as hers. That’s what they thought about me.

So, when we were in grade school, I’m always on the top ten students who excelled, who top notched. Sometimes I’m on the fifth or fourth (either of the two) and my cousin? Well, I don’t know, I’m not really updated or whatever with what’s going on with her life. But these grade school days, belong to my ‘Glory Days’ because when I graduated, I’m still on the rank.

When I got in High School, the first in my ‘Glory Days’ would be the time when I got in the school’s Drum & Lyre Corps. Well, I’m also part of the drum and lyre when I was in grade school, first I held a flag (We’re called color guards) we’re holding a thin and light pole, and a colorful flag is attached to it. We are the ones who interpret the music made by the band of drummers and lyres, we do it by synchronized spinning of the flags. My first year in the band when I was in grade school I became a color guard, but after that year I became a majorette. Us majorettes held a baton and were mostly in front, while the band and the color guards are behind us. What we’re doing is a choreographed dance that is baton twirling associated. It’s fun because we learned, I learned different baton tricks and movements, plus rehearsals are so fun and yet tiring.

Even though I’m engaged with these activities, I still managed to excel in class, and I felt really good, especially when there’s a competition and we have to rehearse after class until eight and then I’d see my grades at the end of the grading, that are still good and I’m still on the rank in class. It’s very overwhelming.

GUARD_WITH_FLAG_WEB               majorette_~u16074733

(These pictures are samples only, and I take no credits for this photos)

However, I wish I could post my own photos when I was a majorette and a color guard but I couldn’t find them, mum must have hid them somewhere. (My mum was so happy when I became a majorette) 😀 🙂

Anyway, when I got in high school, being in the top ten didn’t end, and then additional awards are given to me, like ‘Best in Science’ and ‘Best in English’ then simple awards are also given to me, like ‘Most diligent’ ‘Most Clean’ and many more. And then in sophomore (By the way, I had two years being a sophomore, for I stopped the first year because I got ill, and I had to take it again the next year I enrolled) the award-bestowing dwindled. But I still got the ‘Best in English’ award, and my favorite English teacher asked me to join an Oratorical Speech contest, but I didn’t came to the contest, I have this as my Glory days because I’ve never been asked to join a contest like that, which means, my teacher trusted me and my abilities, I also got in the English Club as the second year representative, and God! That was the most remarkable ‘Glory Day’ I ever had. I enjoyed being in English club.

And then the last would be when I was in fourth year, my teacher asked me to join the extemporaneous speaking contest, and I did, I was a third placer. And then the best ‘Glory day’ of my life, would be the day when I graduated.

Actually, every day is a glory day for me, because every day I wake up, I’m given a life, another chance to make a change in my life, make more ‘Glory Days’ and every day I open my blog, I see that people have appreciated my articles and pieces.  I consider these things part of my ‘Glory Days’ because every day, there are changes, there are achievements. Just like a kid learned how to tie his shoelaces on his own, or a baby learned his first word. 🙂

xxxx, Ann

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