25 Day Blogging Challenge

25 Day Blog Challenge; Meaning Behind Your Blog Name (Blog #9)


Before I saw the list of my blog challenge, I was thinking of renaming my blog, I mean, the blog name was okay ‘Mind Over Coffee’ it has something to do with me being a coffee lover and what it’s doing to me with every swig of it. It makes me elated, it’s like my escape pod, I let loose, and with every whiff is my thoughts and feeling’s cue to escape. But I didn’t feel a spark with the blog name, it is okay but that’s it. Just okay. SO I came up to something that’ll bring spark, like some sort of connection between me and the name, that whenever my lips read it or see it I’d feel myself, I’d feel that it’s really mine.

‘Beautifully Impaired’ this name gave the sparks! I feel connected with this blog name.

I came up with this name because since the day I was born I am Impaired, and meant to be impaired. I don’t feel sorry for myself, and I don’t feel, not the slightest pang of resentment for all the hurtful things I’m experiencing, mostly by people who barely know me.

This blog name means, I am beautiful. I can be beautiful in every ways, and I can say this because GOD made everything beautiful, in his eyes I am beautiful. But despite of this, I am impaired. I am shattered. I am not pretty much emotional with this, because right now I’m kind of used to this things, I’m already, somehow, insusceptible with pain and hurt. But I’m not saying that I don’t get hurt, because I’m not an invincible. I still get hurt, but only this time I can tolerate it, because it’s nothing new.

So there now you know the meaning behind it. Beautifully impaired. Even though I am broken, I’m still beautiful.

Hope you won’t see this as an emotional and melodramatic. It’s not. It’s the fact.


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