25 Day Blogging Challenge

25 Day Blog Challenge; Top 5 Most Difficult Times In Your Life (Blog #10)





This one’s easy for me, from all the circumstances I’ve been through all I need to do now is choose, rank and write in the Top five most difficult times that ever happened to me.

# 5 (The Day I was born and learned to understand)

I was born, and that’s a great gift from God, I’m thankful for that and that’s no doubt. But, when I learned to understand that’s one thing I should have been prepared with. Since I was a child I’m always hurt, physically and emotionally. Physically because my cousins always pull my hair, pinch me so hard, bite me, punch me, and worst push me from the top of the stairs. Mom always see me crying and already lying at the bottom of the fifteen-step staircase. Falling from the staircase is one thing I won’t forget, because it always happened to me when I was a kid. I’m also emotionally hurt, people from here always make me feel like I am nothing. Nothing beautiful like my cousin who’s their best-love, nothing smart like her, and not as good as her. In their eyes, I’m nothing.

# 4 Rumor has it (Ann-Ology)

I’m their subject, yes.

I’m always the sizzling subject the blabbermouths can’t resist to take. There’s no day that I won’t hear a thing about me from the news-mongers here. Absurd things, lies, criticisms, name it, all they do is blab as if they know me, as if they really know the story. My ears and my body always feels hot whenever I walk down the street because of their fiery eyes and mouth. They don’t know a thing about me, and yet they talk like they’ve seen every part of me. I don’t understand those kind of people. This already happened when I was thirteen, and until now Ann-Ology is still studied by the news-mongers. Bet they would get an A+ in News Spreading and they’d get a hundred for gossip points.

#3 The Time I Lost Myself.

There was a time when I lost myself, I don’t know when it started but suddenly my father, sister, and some friends didn’t recognized me. I became irrational, I did crazy stuffs, I learned how to drink, I learned not to go home every night, I learned how to stowaway every night when they’re sleeping or I lie about it, make an excuse or whatever just to be with my friends. And then I met someone, someone I regret meeting. He’s the stupidest person I’ve ever met.

I hate to say this but I can’t spill everything about the second and the first, for they’re so confidential and I have to be responsible for everything I will spill, for important people in my life are involved. I can’t tell everything and I still have to give privacy for these things. Hope you understand. Thank you so much.

xxxx, Ann




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