Don’t Just Sit and Hate


Everybody of everyday always fuss about something, even the smallest detail. Every day you’ll hear someone bellowing about his lost car keys or wallet, when he just only misplaced it, or about his house being so disheveled, when he could’ve wake up early in the morn and spruce up the place (except when he got a lazy housekeeper, there, he could really grumble about that) and sometimes you’ll see, hear, or read people of everyday, in whatever terms he could express his abhorrence towards something, sometimes people would bemoan against someone.

Every time I’d open my Facebook or twitter I would see people ranting, about stupid people, misplaced stuffs, gadgets that won’t open, cluttered room, dirty dishes, a car that won’t start, EVERYTHING! I hate to see those, honestly, even if I rant at some things, mostly about our maid, because she’s just so lazy, that every day I would wake up and see that our house is so messy, things still undone, and where would I find her? Outside, babbling, gossiping with other people, this is something worth ranting right?

Seeing these kind of bewail is really unpleasant, it brings negativity on everything, your mood would change, your anticipation on things, even an innocent thing or person you will encounter ahead of the day could turn into the vilest thing you’ve ever seen, and then you’ll start to rant about it even if it didn’t do anything to you.

Your day won’t end well when you started and treated your day in a dreadful way, it’s all in your hands, it’s you who could make everything nice, and happy, and it’s your appreciation and acceptance of everything. Instead of hollering in the hall because you can’t find your keys, why don’t you ask someone for help in finding it, that would make it faster and easier, or recall the things you did before and remember the places you went, and maybe, just in case you’ll remember and find it there, or instead of bellowing early in the morning because you found your house a mess, start to treat yourself with a good breakfast, and clean after it, not growl. The shouting won’t help you clear out the mess. And in lieu of hating someone, and holler on Facebook wall or tweet ‘I hate ______, she’s a bitch! Oh! Swear I’m going to tear that face!’ Focus yourself on something different, shift your attention away from the person you hate, and get yourself with work instead, or read a book, or have a nice coffee in the café, and chat with a colleague or a friend, or make fun of your hate towards that person, imagine she’s walking down the street, and suddenly a brick fall off straight to her head, or her skirt flew and her thong peered out (looks like she got a mail!J) and people saw it. These little things can sometimes become the answer in your bad day, because it’s you who can make the solution for all these situation, it’s you who do the action. Aproblem won’t worsen if you didn’t do anything, or won’t do anything to dwindle it. Help yourself for the better.

Things will turn out great just like what you wanted, if you treat things agreeably.

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