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SPREAD THE LOVE; Time to nominate…..

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Following my instincts never failed me. Earlier this afternoon I had the feeling that I should open my blog, I felt something odd that I have to open it as soon as possible, and so my instincts are right. I opened it and saw that Chapter #1 has nominated me for the Leibster Blog Award. Thank you so much, I am so happy and overwhelmed that you nominated me, it’s actually my first time to be part of this Leibster Blog Award.

However, here are my answers to the questions provided.

1.) What is your favorite quote that you always stand by? 

“My dear friend, clear your mind of can’t” – Samuel Johnson, this quote is very optimistic. And that’s exactly what I need everyday.

2.) One person that has inspired you to do something in life? Why? Earvin L. Deguinio. He knows what I can and can’t do, he’s very supportive with the things that I love to do, he supports me in improving my capabilities. He also supports me on things that I can’t and don’t want to do, he’s the one who’s initiating for me to do those and turn those weaknesses to one of my strengths.

3.) Describe what kind of person you are in two words.  Passionate and Elusive. I love surprising people 🙂

4.) If you had one wish to do/have something, what would that be and why? I wish, and I planned to be a philanthropist, I hate to see children who are struggling their lives on the streets, children who are abused, and who are unfortunate. I want to help them in every way I could.

5.) If you have a super power what would that be? If I have a super power that would be, the power of Telekinesis or Psychokinesis in other term.

6.) One thing you would like to do before you die? Give my family a stable life.

7.) What is the one song that always makes you smile? This one’s a bit difficult because I have plenty of favorite songs and they all make me smile, but I opt to have this one, I do Adore by Mindy Gledhill  🙂

8.) Where would you go on your dream vacation? EUROPE! I’ve always want to go there 🙂 Paris, London, and Brazil will do 😛 😀

So there it is, hope you enjoyed my answers, and good luck to other nominees! :*

Meanwhile, my nominations go to these fabulous blogs! 🙂

Hoping For Courage

Laura Brown


Flux and Flow

Suzie81’s Blog

These blogs are amazing! So follow them if you haven’t , and mine too 🙂 I haven’t got many nominees right now.

So here are your questions 🙂

1.) Describe your life that you’re having right now in two words.

2.) What is your favorite book that you would recommend to other bookworms? And why?

3.)  If you’re going to compare yourself to a movie character, who would it be and why?

4.) What is your favorite quote you always live by?

5.) Name ten desserts that you want to eat before you die.

6.) What do you think of the Leibster Blog Award?

All you have to do are:

*Answer these questions and provide a link back to the one who nominated you.

*Place the Leibster Award logo on your post.

*Spread the love by selecting your nominees 🙂

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