What does productive mean?

What does it take for you to be called productive? Or your day productive? How are you going to know if your day is actually productive? Is it when you did something that is part of your plan and you successfully did it on the day you assigned it? Is it when you did so many things in one day?

Yesterday, well, I sort of went out, and it’s actually good that I didn’t stay all day at home like what I usually do, my boyfriend and I went to the mall after he went to the school. We grabbed some chicken burgers and two brownies for me (I love sweets) and then bought Ice-cream from Dairy Queen, the largest cup though J (Banana-strawberry with whipped cream and extra strawberries) I really love ice-creams you know, especially the strawberry those that are in strawberry flavors and blueberries, just saying it makes me drool.

So after grabbing some foodstuff, we went to the game house, he played hoops like what he usually do when we are in the game house, and played more games, and talked about some more stuffs. Aside from those things, I saw people checking out on our matching Jordan retro 4 shoes, and our matching black superman tees, I even saw and heard two guys glancing and talking about our shoes, I think the pink wearing t-shirt guy thought I didn’t heard him babbling that if he were us he wouldn’t be like us, he wouldn’t be a show-off like what we’re doing. Well excuse me sir, we are not showing-off, we like to wear the same things, do the same things together. And I don’t know what our business has something to do with you, plus I don’t believe in what you said that if it were you, you wouldn’t do the same thing we’re doing, I mean what are we actually doing? Oh yeah, you thought we were showing-off.  But we’re not, if you’re reading this, hope it’ll hit you in the head, because you infuriated me.

Anyway, I’m glad that my man and I got the time to go out, because he’s been very busy for the past few day at school, they organized an orientation for the freshmen and sophomores, and glad that it was done smoothly.

After arriving home, I planned on going for a jog, I’ve held up doing this kind of thing for ages, and my man is right, it’s bad for my health, not doing anything and so I decided to do something. Plus, I actually feel like I am lame for not doing something in everyday of my life, so I finally decided to work out, do something. Be productive.

So am I productive yesterday?

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