What’s going on?

There has been a lot of new things happened to me for the last couple of weeks. Our nanny’s temporarily out now, because my mom’s having problems with her work in Hong Kong, well actually, only with her mean employer, she’s deprived with her salary, giving her salary so late, and no allowance, which they talked about before my mom accepted the work. They agreed on a food allowance, but her boss is not giving it to her, and so she has to pull out money for her food from her salary, and now she can’t afford to pay for more. I stopped going to school this semester, I’m in a private school and that would add up ore with her expenses, transferring is out of the question, it will just take a lot of time, and more money, so I stopped. And now I promised to find a job, which until I still don’t have, there’s been great competition with other applicants, and this is my first time, I’m a bit shocked with everything.

Since our nanny is temporarily out of the job, I’m the replacement, I do a lot of household chores, like cleaning the house, cooking our meals, keeping things in order, I’m in great adjustment right now, I’m not used of doing these things, because ever since, when I was a child, we always hire nanny or maid, to do those things, but now. But luckily, during my free time of the day I do online jobs, freelancing.

I registered to a freelance website, and I did two projects as of now, but I haven’t got my payments yet, the first one is no doubt not going to pay me because I didn’t continue the assignment, because I found a project that is more interesting, so I declined the first one, now, I finished the second one but I still haven’t got the payment for my works, I’m getting dubious to it now. After sending my articles to him, he didn’t send me e-mail that he’s got my articles, until now I haven’t heard anything from him including my payment.

So I grew bored again from waiting, what am I doing right now? Well, I’m checking other websites that offer freelance jobs, and looking for website that I could apply for working abroad. I know I haven’t finish, not at least two years in college but there’s nothing to lose with trying right? So last night I checked this website that offers jobs in London (Exactly the place I want to be in) I sent my curriculum vitae to them, and indicated what my sought job is. Right now, I’m waiting for a response, and keeping my spirits high that I will have my luck this time.


xxxxx, Ann

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