25 Day Blogging Challenge

25 Day Blog Challenge; Kind Of Book You Want To Write (Day 12)



Kind of Book I want to write

Hi everyone! So, I’m back to continue the 25 Blog Challenge I signed myself in, and pardon me if it took me a long time to finish everything, because so many things have happened to me the last couple of days, weeks, month.

So for the kind of book I want to write, I’d like to write a Chic lit book. I am fascinated with what girls fancy, circumstances, shoes, jewelries, clothes, girls dream jobs, and boys. Girls are fun to put up a character, giving a girl’s life in a story is wonderful, choosing a job for her (You can put your dream job to her), choosing a perfect outfit for the situation, and pairing her with a beautiful man and giving their love story a flow.

I was inspired by Sophie Kinsella, Carole Mathews, Lisi Harrison, Shari Low, and many more. I love to read their books, they’re so funny, fascinating, and romantic. Sometimes I even imagine myself as the main character in those books *sigh* well, I wish I am, living life like Becky Bloomwood in the Shopaholic series, or Lexi in Remember Me, but here I am wishing and designing a character of my own.

So there you go, what about you guys, what do you guys want to write?

xxxx, Ann

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