25 Day Blogging Challenge

25 Blog Challenge; Game I play (Blog 14)


Should I say ‘the game I am addicted with?’ I guess I should.

This is the first time I played SIMS when I get to buy expansion packs, actually I am planning to complete all the expansion packs, for the SIMS 4 will be released next year, and I am looking forward to that. But now, my main goal is to complete and play all the expansion packs in SIMS 3.

What I love in SIMS is that we could customize and build our dream house, I prefer a house that is not too big, I had a house in SIMS that is actually humongous, ‘a mansion’ I should call it, but like what I told you, I don’t like a exaggeratedly ginormous house. These are my snapshot of my old house.


999336_594222807266074_2040406656_n 1001766_595971123757909_1128467951_n996184_594222917266063_1308393482_n 1017266_594222863932735_799294163_n
















I didn’t include here the other rooms, and the upper level but they’re beautiful. They’re beautiful, but it’s too big, seems like it keeps the household far from each other, I want a house that you’ll be able to chat with one another because the space is not that big, a house that you’ll be able to see each and everyone in the house and say ‘Hi’ or catch up, and that give the family a strong bond.

So I deleted this house, and have another, big enough for my household, but not too big for them not see each other and catch up with each and everyone. And here are my snapshots of my new house, which I use until now.

Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-13


My new house is a modern house, and is just the right house for my household. I don’t have stairs built in it but I have elevators. My sister actually laughed at me when she saw that I put an elevator instead of stairs here in my house.

They say that I am already addicted to this, but let me tell you, no, I am not addicted, I am fascinated and enthusiastic to this game, it’s enjoyable, addiction actually means spending and playing this game 24/7 without stopping, or just when you have to pee or whatever, but I am not addicted šŸ™‚ I play when I feel like I want to play, but the rest I spend in the internet, or books.

So this is my game šŸ™‚ hope you like it.


xxxx, Ann


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