Update, Yeah.

I’m up all night to finish a book, it’s called The Mistress’s Revenge, the story’s nice, but it’s not a ten-over-ten type of book. It’s just the story’s is good, and some people will surely could relate to it.

Anyway, it’s nice to have my borrowed books back. A dearest friend of mine borrowed two of my favorite books couple of months ago and he just gave to it back to me the other night, with a package. He lent four books to read (Yeyyy! More books!) I am not going to tell yet what are those books but two of them are from Danielle Steel, I still haven’t finished my own Danielle Steel book for I found it a bit boring, but anyway, I always have that kind of impression when I’m starting a new book, but as long as I’m getting further with the book, impression’s changing.

Good news everyone, I went for a jog a couple of nights ago! 😀 Yeyy! It’s good news, because I haven’t done that for how many years and right that night I felt good. It’s for a change, I’m getting tired of perching all day with all my tedious mundane. I also held up checking my emails, I’ve been very persistent in checking my emails weeks ago for I am very hopeful for good news, job offering, and keeping track of freelance projects, but I impeded from all those things for lack of progress.

I was so disappointed few weeks ago, I received an email from an HR, said that they saw my CV and I am qualified for a vacant position in Financial Support Agent. She said that I will have 1,800 GBP a month as a base pay plus 8% commission (Isn’t that amazing?) I got so assuming with this message actually, she said GBP so I thought I’ll be assigned and relocated in UK, because of that GBP (British Pounds) I was so blithesome and exhilarated with the news, and thought that finally I’ll be able to set foot in UK. But then it wasn’t what I thought it is, it is an online job, I will be working online as a financial support agent. I was so sad, thought it was the time, but no. So I suddenly lost the interest of checking my emails. But right now I am still hoping that one day someone from England will see my CV and tell me that I am qualified for a position available and that I’ll be relocated to England (Fingers-crossed)

But anyway, I brushed off those thoughts, I need to face reality, I need to get back to my senses, I still need to find a proper work here and not just freelancing. There are so many factors for me to consider that freelancing is not applicable for me. How many months have passed and I’m still stuck here, finding and waiting, I’m getting tired of all the things happening to me. I’m not happy anymore with all these things. Good things are that there are some nights that I am able to visit my friends and one time I was able to go out in the mall and then went to the bar with three of our good friends, I had fun and that I felt normal again, but after that, I’m back again with all the routine.

I wish I could change things instantly. I wish I could have a proper job. I wish I am in England.

xxxx, Ann

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